How to beat Outland Portal

How to beat the Outland Portal



This is my list of recommended Heroes for every currently available Outland Portal Boss Fight(Robot Fighter, Northern Dragon, Raged Blood, Burning Phoenix and the Lord of the Caves):

1. Robot Fighter

-> Heroes with DoT (Damage over Time).

recommended Heroes:
CHAP Chaplain
OC Old Curse
PO Poisoned One
SSH Shadow Shaman
SIL Silencer (disable boss magic attacks)
SUCCU Succubus
WS Wandering Spearman

recommended Tanks:
DB Disease Bringer (Damage over Time and summons Tank)
PSY Psychopath (best DoT Tank, highest magic resist, Ultimate can stun and cancel the boss Ultimate)

2. Northern Dragon

-> Heroes who can fly in the Outland Portal.

recommended Heroes:
MM Master Mage
OC Old Curse
PHO Phoenix
PT Pilot
PO Poisoned One

recommended Tanks: need to be robust
SH Soul Hunter
WC Warchief

If you don’t own many flying Heroes, you can use Heroes who support your Team with Auras and improve your damage:
COM Commando
LG Lunar Guardian
MY Mystic
SL Shadow Leaf


3. Raged Blood

-> Heroes who can heal. You don’t exactly need healers, you need to survive, the boss will kill himself after sometime. A complete Tank setup with a little bit heal works fine on this boss too.

recommended Heroes:
CHAP Chaplain
CW Cloud walker (Clones can absorb some attacks for tanks)
DM Death Mage
NEC Necromancer
SSH Shadow Shaman
SH Soul Hunter
SM Sword Master
WS Wandering Spearman

recommended Tanks:
CLER Cleric
DK Death Knight
DB Disease Bringer (Summons a Giant to tank)
WC Warchief


4. Burning Phoenix

-> Heroes who can do repeatedly physical Damage at the Outland Portal. Don’t use the Auto Mode on this Boss, save your Ultimates until the Phoenix is in his egg.

recommended Heroes:
Bear Warrior
CW Cloud Walker
PA Drunken Master
NA Ninja Assassin
RM Rifleman (activate his Blue Skill ‘Stimulant’ when the boss is in the egg)
SL Shadowleaf
SM Sword Master
VW Vanguard Warrior
WS Wandering Spearman

recommended Tanks:
DK Death Knight (Can use his Aura, if your other Heroes won’t survive the beam attack)


5. The Lord of the Caves

-> Needs high single target magic Burst-Damage. Don’t turn on Auto, save the activatable abilities and use them when the Lord of the Caves emerges from the ground!

recommended Heroes:
Death Mage
ES Emberstar
FM Frost Mage
IM Ice Mage
IE Imperial Executioner
LE Lightning Elemental
LG Lunar Guardian (not that good at higher Levels)
MACH Machinist
MY Mystic
NEC Necromancer

recommended Tanks:

The best way to kill the Lord of the Caves in the Outland Portal, is by using the Soul Hunter. Wait till you have all your Ultimates ready, activate the other 4 and use the Soul Hunter Ultimate to finish him off, when he got around 50% Hp. It’s an instant kill.

Updated: 03/10/2015

16 thoughts on “How to beat the Outland Portal

  1. c0mrade

    Hello there, thanx for sharing these great info. But I want to ask you if its not missing recent heroes updates. Like Phoenix etc..
    Btw. there should be date of posting /updating on posts visible so we can track the freshness of info provided. Seems to me not really up to date (maybe 10-11/2014)


  2. steven

    add wandering spearman to phoenix (his high magic resistance is great 160 at lvl 60 is beast. . . also lightning elemental to raged blood great char

  3. Uomatk0

    Robot figher, DIFF 1.

    Im lvl 56, my heroes are 55-53, all geared almost max.:
    – Brute lvl 55 Purple, 3* (DoT skill lvl 30)
    – Poisoned One lv 54 Purple, 3* (Skills levels 29, 11, 4 9)
    – Chaplain lvl 54 Purple, 2*
    – Psychopath lvl 54 Blue+2, 1* (Skills lvls: 30, 30, 14)
    for the first try i went Commando (lvl 54, Purple 3*)
    Second try I went for energy regen passive from Ice Mage (lvl 53, Purple, 2*, Purple skill lvl 6)

    It was hard (Poisoned One was the only one alive and he did the last hit in both tries).

  4. Uomatk0

    Burning Phoenix, DIFF 1

    Summoner lvl 57. Did it with:
    – Brute Purple 3* lvl 56 (skills lvls 40, 40, 20, 16)
    – Vanguard Warrior Purple 2* lvl 53 (skills 30, 330, 15, 5)
    – Commando Purple 3* lvl 56 (skills 56, 37, 36, 15)
    – Shadowleaf Purple 2* lvl 54 (skills 46, 25, 33, 10)
    – Rifleman Purple 3* lvl 55 (skills 31, 45, 22, 6)

    So you use RIflemans first Blue Skill as soon as it is active (he have to come closer for that skill, so your next blue skill attack will be with no delay). Then Phoenix starts to cast his spell. It makes RIfleman active with his primary attack skill (Laser Canon) – use it as soon as it is possible, to have Blue Skill availible and ready to be casted. As soon as phoenix goes “egg mode” use Rifleman, Shadowleaf and VW skills at once. Hope it helps.

  5. Uomatk0

    The Lord of the Caves, DIFF 1

    Summoner lvl 57
    Was quite nervous at the end, bcause one more DoT from the Lord and all my heroes would be dead, but I managed to do it. So it’s quite simple. Used recommended heroes from list above. I used:
    Mystic 55 (Purple 2*) (skills 39, 23, 35, 9)
    Ice Mage 54 (Purple 3*) (skills 33, 26, 4, 7)
    Machinist 54 (Purple 2*) (skills 36, 38, 11, 1)
    Frost Mage 55 (Purple 2*) (skills 40, 30, 23, 7)
    Psychopath 55 *Purple 1*) (skills 30, 30, 20, 14)

    Lord buried once, came back to full health, buried second time almost killing all of my heroes and when he came back on the surface all heroes main skills were fully charged and ready to use, so u just it to Auto for fast finish.

    Enemy did 35.320 dmg amongs all of the heroes, so every single one should have at least that 7k life.


  6. Uomatk0

    Northern Dragon, DIFF 1

    Summoner lvl 60

    Very easy, with only two flying heroes.

    Phoenix 59 (P+1 **) (skills 55, 58, 25, 1)
    Poisoned One 56 (P ***) (skills 40, 20, 10, 10)
    Commando 57 (P ***) (skills 57, 57, 37, 17)
    Mystic 56 (P **) (skills 53, 23, 36, 16)
    War Chief 57 (P **) (skills 56, 47, 20, 17)

    All geared max, no need any special tactics.


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