Best Heroes in Heroes Charge

Best Heroes in Heroes Charge

This is my recommended list of the best Heroes in the game. Some of them are good for the crusade, the raids or the Outland Portal and some of them are very strong in the Arena and some are really good for both. These are the Heroes you should invest in, that means: collect soulstones, equip thier items and enchant these items.

Please keep in mind, that from patch to patch Heroes in this list could be changed and they will be not so strong as they are now. The other way around, it could be that now bad Heroes will be get stronger and could be added to this list as the best Heroes.
See my post about decent and bad Heroes, if you missed it.
I marked the Heroes who are good in crusades, raids etc. with PvE (Player versus Environment) and Heroes who are good in arena or grand arena with PvP (Player vs Player). It should be clear, that every Hero is good for PvE aswell.

Updated 06/03/2015 added Ancient Protector
Updated 05/19/2015 added Lunar Guardian, Silencer and Swordmaster
Updated 04/16/2015 added Roles
Updated 04/08/2015 added Poisoned One, added Locations
Updated 03/24/2015 removed Shallows Keeper, added Admiral, Disease Bringer, Ember Blade and Ninja Assassin

Best Heroes



ADM Admiral – PvE  Rating: 4/5 – Role: Tank
Very good for every PvE content and particularly at 5 Stars. Great armor, magic resistance, and dodge at high levels with a very useful passive.
Becomes one of the best, if not the best tank in the game once you complete her legendary quest, with one of the highest health pools. Her high Intelligence counters the Arcane Sapper.
– Useful at: Valkyrie Showdown, some Raid Bosses

AP Ancient ProtectorPvERating: 4/5 – Role: Off-Tank/Mage
He starts in a fight as a decent tank, with his entangling roots he can keep melee damage dealer in place like the Arcane Sapper.
With his Ultimate he starts to get really powerful! He moves to the back line and starts placing three types of plants which can deal single and splash damage or refill energy for more plants.
For an Ancient Protector team you really need a good Tank and combined with the armor debuff from Savage One or Leaves Shadow physical buf,f his plants get really strong.
Your team starts with 2 Tanks and transforms into a team with 1 Tank and a powerful damage dealer in the back.
– Useful at: Raid Bosses, Crusade, Ancient Temple

AS Arcane Sapper – PvP  Rating: 4/5 – Role: Assassin
He is very good for arena because he destroys the Back Line.
Only Death Voice and Psychic Sword can counter him.
He has a shield, life steal and teleport all of that makes him very strong.
– Useful at: Core Hero for Arena, Raid Bosses, Cursed City, Ancient Temple

CHAP Chaplain – PvE  Rating: 5/5 – Role: Support/Healer
Very good for Crusade and at 5 Stars.
She can crowd control a single enemy and make him fight against his own team. She is the best healer in the game, because of her AoE heal that heals the entire team. A must have Hero.
– Useful at: All Time Rifts, Valkyrie Showdown, Crusades

CLER Cleric – PvE  Rating: 4/5 – Role: Tank/Support/Healer
He is one of the best Heroes in PvE, because he is a strong support tank with heals and protection spells for his team.
The Cleric can tank for a while but the problem is he deals no damage.
He is good for the Crusade and Raids. He will get very powerful with his Legendary Skill.
– Useful at: Raged Blood, Arena, Hard Crusade

CW Cloud Walker – PvP  Rating: 5/5 – Role: Fighter
He is good for everything and deals very good damage.
The Cloud Walker clones counter the ultimates of some Heroes.
Bad thing is that his Ultimate sometimes hits in the air.
He is the best overall physical DPS in the game.
– Useful at: Burning Phoenix, Arena, Boss Fights

COM Commando – PvP  Rating: 4/5 – Role: Marksman/Support
She is important for everything and needed from level 1-90.
Gives the entire Team a haste, run speed and agility buff.
The Commando also supports the physical and magical team members.
Besides of that she has a crowd control skill that is strong against tanks.
She is easy and fast to get to 5 stars by Crusade Dragon Points.
– Useful at: Core Hero for Arena for the most time, Valkyrie Showdown

DK Death Knight – PvE  Rating: 4/5 – Role: Tank/Healer
He is definitely the best tank for the Crusade and this is what makes him one of the best Heroes for PvE.
The Death Knight can heal and prevent damage to the group with his Ultimate.
He is very strong in high level with purple items. He performs well in combination with the Death Mage.
– Useful at: Raged Blood, Hard Crusade, Arena

DM Death Mage – PvE – Rating: 5/5 – Role: Mage
She belongs to the best Heroes, because she is good for the crusade and deals a lot of damage.
She can heal herself with her Ultimate and is able to tank the Crusade alone.
She deals Massive damage at high level and 5 stars. The Death Mage scales incredibly well with her orange gear.
– Useful at: Crashed Hill, All Time Rifts, Lord of the Caves, some Raid Bosses

DB Disease Bringer – PvP  Rating: 4/5 – Role – Mage/Off-Tank
He will get very good at end game content and PvE. In hard mode crusade and level 90 arena once you have enough tanks and healing around him to get off his ultimates and stay alive. His inferno tank helps in every situation in the game.
– Useful at: Core Hero for Robot Fighter and Raged Blood, Hard Crusade

PA Drunken Master – PvP  Rating: 3,5/5 – Role: Tank
He is a very good alternative tank, very tanky at 4-5 stars and the highest physical attack Tank.
His drunken haze skill is huge against physical teams however, especially when combined with other blinding effects.
– Useful at: Arena, Burning Phoenix, Cursed City,

EB Ember Blade – PvP – Rating: 4/5 – Role: Fighter
He has massive AoE damage that works best against clumped targets like teams with mirror images, good crowd control too. Extremely strong arena character but really needs some assistance to dominate end game arena. His ultimate helps keep him alive and he’s annoying to finish off. He’s an area damage dealer compared to FD. He’s difficult to counter, he’s squishy overall but crowd control can block the skills he uses to stay alive.
– Useful at: Ancient Temple, Cursed City, Arena

FD Fallen Dominion – PvP  Rating: 4,5/5 – Role: Fighter
The Fallen Dominion is very strong at 5 Stars and a good alternative as a melee fighter. The possibility to use his ultimate with half energy makes him strong in the Arena. High sustained damage, an ultimate that turns him from melee to ranged, makes him immune to crowd control effects.
– Useful at: Arena, he is dominating the Arena at the moment

IE Imperial Executioner – PvP  Rating: 3,5/5 – Role: Mage
He is very good at 5 Stars. The Imperial Executioner has a strong crowd control skill and Ultimate. He will get very strong with his Legendary Skill.
– Useful at: Arena, Raid Bosses, Lord of the Caves

IH Iron Hoof – PvP  Rating: 4/5 – Role: Tank
He is very tanky and a good alternative tank. Iron Hoof can resist the crowd control skill from the Commando what makes him strong in the Arena, because nearly everybody uses the Commando. He is very competitive even without his legendary quest.
What he is good for is that he’s better than Admiral for a 4 mage team or a very defensively challenged team as Admiral doesn’t have that shield that takes damage off the squishies.
– Useful at: Arena, Raid Bosses

LG Lunar Guardian – PvP  Rating: 4/5 Role: Marksman/Support
After being rated as a decent Hero for a long time at level 90 she comes back in a big way. The most dangerous teams involve weak Mages in the back, often behind strong Tanks. The best way to beat these teams is to bypass the tank, melt the back line Heroes and Lunar Guardian has an AoE auto-Attack, a team buff and can push back row damage to the point where it can make a difference.
– Useful at: Arena, Cursed City, Valkyrie Showdown, Raid Boss 13, Non-Boss Raid

MACH Machinist – PvP  Rating: 4/5 – Role: Mage 
He joins the best Heroes for PvP, because his very good Ultimate destroys the front and middle line.
He has physical and magic damage which is used by his very good damage skills. He is a very cheap hero, you can 5 star with bronze chest alone.
The premier magic DPS, his ultimate shreds the front line and clones are a little defense against him. He’s not as good as the best physical DPS like FD/EB, because he isn’t nearly as survivable. He is also a little stronger than most magic heroes against Arcane Sapper since his laser attack almost always hits Arance Sapper right in the face.
– Useful at: Lord of the Caves, Arena, Crashed Hill, Raid Boss 13 to break the shield

MY Mystic – PvP  Rating: 4/5 – Role: Mage/Support
He is a must have for the Crusade and the Arena.
The Mystic is not so good for the Outland Portal.
He has very good Ultimate damage.
Works very well on magic teams, especially with Old Curse.
He gives anybody in the team additional energy.
His crowd control skill that blinds, is good versus melees or melee attacks, like from the War Chief, what can really change a battle.
– Useful at: Arena, Hard Crusade, Crashed Hill, All Time Rifts, Lord of the Caves

NA Ninja Assassin – PvP  Rating: 4,5/5 – Role: Assassin
You will not win raid damage meter without him, dominant in arena especially when backed by 4 healers. He starts the fight as a bad ranged damage dealer but once he activates his Ultimate he teleports to the Back Line he starts to hit super hard and fast with some high Crits.
– Useful at: Arena, Raid Bosses

OC Old Curse – PvP – Rating: 4,5/5 – Role: Mage
He is one of the best damage dealer in Heroes Charge and a must have.
He can crowd control a whole team and has very strong AoE damage.
Old Curse works very well with 2 tanks, so he can charge up his energy.
– Useful at: Hard Crusade, Non-Boss Raid, Mid-Level Arena

PO Poisoned One – PvE – Rating: 4/5 – Role:
Flying creature with the highest damage DOT and an armor debuff.
Poisoned One only needs enough gear to survive full screen AoE damage as his damage comes from skills, not gear and he has excellent positioning. If you are lucky enough to get his 3 star card definitely invest in him for Outland portal alone.
– Useful at: Core Hero for Robot Fighter and Northern Dragon, Raid Bosses

PSY Psychopath – PvP Rating: 4/5 – Role: Tank
He is one of the best tanks in the high levels.
The Psychopath gives the team a haste buff.
He has a ton of HP in late game and with his ‘Elder Strenght’ skill it is very hard to kill him.
He counters the Arcane Sapper, because he is an intelligence Hero and the Arcance Sapper will teleport on him instant to the weak mages in the Back Line.
His new and amazing Legendary Skill greatly improves his rotation.
– Useful at: Raid Bosses, Arena, Lord of the Caves, Robot Fighter

RM Rifleman – PvE  Rating: 4/5
He belongs to the best Heroes in PvE, because he is very good for Raids, especially at 5 Stars. In the Raids the Back Line doesn’t take damage very often and because of that, you can use his ‘Stimulant’ skill every time it is ready.
– Useful at: Raid Bosses, Cursed City, Crashed Hill, Burning Phoenix

SIL Silencer – PvP Rating: 4/5 – Role: Mage
His damage is average and he is very weak to AoE damage.
He’s the glue that holds many of the strongest teams together, and is strong on physical, magical, and mixed teams. He literally belongs on almost any team and so he is often used on top arena teams. He doesn’t look that strong on paper, but most teams are better when he’s on them. Very good survivable and very disruptive. His damage isn’t subject to dodge.
– Useful at: Raid Bosses, Arena

SL Shadowleaf – PvP  Rating: 4/5 – Role: Marksman
She is very good for Arena with her buffs and silence skill.
She is one of the best choices for the Back Line.
Her frost arrow scales incredibly well with in end game gear and can work as an interrupt against many moves. You can get her easy to 5 stars using bronze chest.
– Useful at: Arena, Raid Bosses, Cursed City, Burning Phoenix, Valkyrie Showdown

SSH Shadow Shaman – PvP  Rating: 3,5/5 – Role: Mage/Support
He is one of the best Heroes, because he really can change the game, he makes the game long, sustain is all about him.
‘Vayne’s Blessing’ is a very good skill and also his ‘Weave’ skill.
He is very good at 5 Stars and in the high levels.
– Useful at: Raid Bosses, Raged Blood, Cursed City

SUCCU Succubus – PvP  Rating: 4/5 – Role: Mage
Her scream is a very strong AoE.
If she uses scream on low health targets and kills them, she can scream again very soon, because she gets a lot of energy back.
Her dodge is very good and she disables the Ultimates of her enemies with her Ultimate. She is a lot better than Wind Master and has a damage over time skill, which is good against the Robot Fighter in the Outland Portal.
– Useful at: Crushed Hill, Arena, Hard Crusade

SM Swordmaster  PvP  Rating: 4/5 – Role: Fighter
He is a very strong melee fighter. His Ultimate ‘Dagger Dance’ makes him very strong, because he is immune to anything while performing it. His group heal ‘Protector’ is also very good in case your team gets hit by AoE damage.
In some situations he is able to play the tank role with healing support or shields like from the Frost Mage.
– Useful at: Raid Bosses, Outland Portal (Raged Blood & Burning Phoenix), Time Rift, Trials (Cursed City)

VS Vengence Spirit – PvP  Rating: 3,5/5 – Role: Mage
She joins the best Heroes, because she has a very strong crowd control skill, which stuns the  entire enemy team. She deals major area damage and she uses her Ultimate more often thanks to her energy drain.
Vengence Spirit works very well with every magic Hero, like Old Curse.
– Useful at: Arena, Valkyrie Showdown, Cursed City, Dwarf Arsenal, Ancient Temple, Hard Crusade

WC War Chief – PvP – Rating: 4,5/5 – Role: Tank
He is the best tank for everything and a must have.
He has two lifes in every fight, when he dies he gets back to life once again.
War Chief has a single target stun and his damage output is very good, particularly his ‘Power Swing’ skill.
Warchief kind of seems second best at everything. He’s probably the best tank for a pure physical offensive team, but those teams really aren’t that strong right now. He’s got some decent durability and his life steal aura matters, and he deals good damage.
– Useful at: Mid-Level Arena Level 51-80, but starts to wear off at Level 90

Check out the Guide: How to setup a team, if you want to know how to use the best Heroes.
Get to know about the decent and bad Heroes at Heroes Charge here.

151 thoughts on “Best Heroes in Heroes Charge

    1. Gus

      I agree with you Richard. I can easily kill WC with Brute and IH. Not to mention that my Brute is on a lower level than WC. BTW I am talking level 65.

    2. furyox Post author

      It all depends what kind of support or team every tank has in the background. A Warchief can win against a Drunken Master like the Drunken Master wins against the Warchief. It all depends on the team compilation and situation. There is no really number 1 tank, these in the list share the top positions among themselves.

    3. Michael

      When will you rank commander, death bringer, depths voice, forest guardian, hattori hanzo, hidden needle, ice spirit, light bringer, lightning spirit, stormlord, summoner, warrior monk, wizard doctor

  1. Besho

    Ignorant people who don’t own death knight and are sad say that war chief out tanks him. DK is the best tank PERIOD. Can’t say more than that. Cheers to any one who owns DK

    1. Valhalen

      It depends on what you’re using DK for; he is terrible for PvP, but a godsend for PvE. War Chief is easily the best tank for PvP after his Purple Promotion.

    2. FromHell

      I feel you bro. i have both of them. but the truth is those two are good in different purposes. For crusade dk is godlike. but in pvp he dies in a flash before he can charge his ultimate. and you should know that, he is not a great damage dealer also. on the other hand wc after purple, is a mass destruction in the pvp with his damage. his reviving power makes him god in the pvp.

    3. EnemyTortoise

      I like this game as much as the next, but calling people ignorant and fighting about it is a little… Sad. It’s a game, not even an important one. All heroes are great, depending on who you use them with….. Although, death knight has been my tank since lvl 20. And have yet to see a tank protect, heal and do more damage.

  2. inadazeagain

    I wish I had DK. He is a hard Hero to get and I have had no luck and have not captured enough soul stones yet.

  3. Besho

    then I’d recommend u get WC since u can probably get him in like10-15 days from scratch. Id advise u to use iron hoof if u got him, if not then go for WC since he’s a decent tank in arenas

    1. inadazeagain

      Is there a trick to Death Knight? I finally got him and I am kinda disappointed. I have him at level 49 Maxed and maxed on skills and he still gets killed easy?? I hear nothing but good things about him but I am not seeing it. My Fallen Dominion same level and maxed does much better.

      1. Valhalen

        Well, he is a Support Tank, and pretty much only useful on Campaign and (specially) Crusades. Death Knight is absolutely terrible for PvP.

        You need the right Team Setup to make him really effective. Usually characters that focus on Magic Damage work better with him. I’d recommend you set him up with:

        • Death Mage: a brutally powerful character, one of the best Intelligence-based characters. Her silence is good to prevent Death Knight from being silenced, which screws with his entire skillset and renders him useless;
        • Old Curse or Vengeance Spirit: both have great damage output and crowd control skills;
        • Commando: the bread and butter for ANY team, with a pletora of buffs an a stun that is amazing against tanks.
        • Mystic: great for magic buffs and can blind opponents.

        Since you already got Fallen Dominion maxed you can replace Mystic for him.

      2. Ali Al-Masri

        DK is good at higher levels i would say 70+ he has to be at least at purple 4+ with enchanted gears, in crusade he is unbeatable his job is not to make big damage his job is to defend and he does that job very well. have in mind he is only good in crusade and maybe in trails but not in pvp. in crusade back him up with commando death mage chaplin and your choice of cloud walker or FD i use CW. and you can win hard crusade easy

  4. Gus

    What are your thoughts about Brute? I have him at the moment in purple level with 3 stars and he is very good in my opinion. I also have WC at purple level but his skills are not maxed yet.

  5. inadazeagain

    Here are some heroes I have and haven’t done much with them because I just don’t know how good they are. Any help or opinions would be great. I have Cleric, Lightning Master, Shallows Keeper, Rifleman, Machinist, Lighting Spirit, Pschopath, Sniper and Poisoned one? Are any of these good/ great and worth leveling up to 49 and beyond?

    1. Andrew

      Personally, I wouldn’t waste any resources on the Sniper and Lightning Spirit. I did so, and I regret it. They say Rifleman is good, but I don’t know, man. The lighning master can’t seem to keep up when it comes to points, I have him at 75, and he’s not as good as about 8 other 75’s I have. Not that helpful based on your question though, I would say, invest in the Poisoned one as your main back line guy and focus on getting a cloud master, fallen dominion, iron hoof. I waited until I got to level 60 something before comparing my team to the top teams and I was late to getting some of the dudes from grand arena and such. Here’s the thing, you can get 5 stones a day from the stores, only 1-2 from elite, so you’re gonna get to 5 stars a lot faster from a store guy than from elite. Basically, start buying commando stones now.

    2. Desmond

      Focus levelling up on Machinist instead. He is a menace, an instant massive magic damage dealer especially with his Ultimate. Gear him up to the max. He can certainly change the whole battle much to your favour. But he is slow and has a low HP level so you need to have a good tank to cover him.

    3. ProzacZombie

      Don’t give up on Psychopath! Be patient with him and raise him through your ranks whenever possible. You’ll love him at a higher level!

  6. inadazeagain

    Also I need a kick butt Number one front tank. I have DK, Fallen Dom and others that do really good behing a first/front but when they are the first one in front line they get killed really fast.. Any suggestions.

      1. Alex

        He starts fading out after that compared to ironhoof and skel king.
        Sladar is also a great offensive tank if the enemy doesn’t have commando.

        1. Gus

          I now have Brute at level 61 and he is still kicking ass and I also have War Chief at the same level and brute beats him. I have fought IronHoof and won as well but of course it depends on the demage dealers. Anyway I’m harvesting other tanks and damage dealers etc 🙂

    1. furyox Post author

      I think his damage is good, but he has now Crowd Controll Skills and his Egg Skill is often useless. He dies to often in the egg before he revives again, particularly in the Arena.

      1. Azazel

        I have phoenix lv 90 orange, he is best aoe dps, he have best mana recovery after 3 attack he can use ultimate, is very strong resist AS. Attack and he dies all time last with FD, and best tank is I. Best armor and mg resistance I. The game 43k HP and stun after ich 3 attacks. Sry for bad english.

    1. Thrillhouse

      I always had my pilot in my top group but as I got higher in level (70’s) his value seemed to fade. His limit break is often dodged and standard attacks are spread out but weak. He’s ok but slightly above average at best.

    1. furyox Post author

      He should be on the decent list, he is a good starting tank for new players but isn’t good at endgame. He is too slow and not very tanky.

  7. Naughtyortty

    To be honest I’m surprised not to see lunar guardian in here I’ve got a level 75 and I constantly use her, she tops my damage almost every time with old curse following behind, I’d definitely have added her there as she gives a damage boost and has multiple interupts and her auto attacks hit 4 people I maintain a position in the top 100 in arena and she’s always in my lineup, normally go warchief the monkey old curse lunar guardian and commando, pending on what your attacking sometimes sub FD or EB in

  8. Dave

    Well, in my opinion lunar, death mage and old curse are all a must have.
    I’m at level 89 and know all heros quiet good.. so try to catch them.
    Brute is terrible until u reach 5 star and purple +4.. at that time works great as he can kill low hp heroes instantly with his special skill. Dk the same.. especially to last as longer as possible against some enemies..

  9. dontgetexcited

    I would probably rate Vanguard Warrior 4/5. Needs a team to match (no commando, no fast tanks – fallen dominion matches well because he jumps back) but effective against most enemy tanks. A good answer to cloud walker and iron hoof and destroys arcane Sapper.

  10. ryan

    So if most people have say, commando, mystic, old curse, arcane sapper and succubus….then what type of team would counter this/them? Maybe someone could explain to me in more detail how they do? thanks!

    1. furyox Post author

      It’s a rating system which is used everywhere over the internet , you can compare it with the star rating on sites like

  11. blackdeath

    Dk is far the best for hard crusade but team needs to be strong .my is 5stars fuly buffed 67. Works like charm

  12. D-Day

    I’d like to know bout psychic sword just accordingly chest and silencer can be !effective against magic based teams which combos with brute 2 tank strategy

  13. egosummx

    what kind of update? Will you change what you already wrote? (maybe some heroes are not so good, or some are not so bad at further levels? Or will you only update the new arrivals? When will you update? lol, Im noob and I read daily your guide, so, I can refresh the page 😛

      1. egosummx

        ohh ok! Ill ask something in advance hehe. Im level 40 and I got a 3* Poisoned One, you say he is very good… I almost level him max, but dunno why is so cool? My team is LE+DM+CO+PH and before I had AD and was good, but now with PO not much. Why is it?

        And.. in other account, I have a FG, AS, PY, MY, MA all 1* , are they worth leveling up? Or I need more stars and reach to purple?

        Are Light Bringer or Lightning Spirit worth leveling up?

        😛 ty!

        1. furyox Post author

          PO is very good for some Boss fights because of his armor reduction. He does not so well in fights very he takes aoe damage like in the Arena. He really performes well in pve and supports a physical damage Team but not in very fight of Situation.

  14. Toxxic Sushi

    You are completely forgetting the Swordsmaster, which you get from the Soulstone Shop. HE OWNS EVERYTHING LIKE CRAZY! When you have a bunch of 5* characters, and you’re getting their stones from Crusade, Grand Arena, or even by opening a bunch of chests (I have millions in gold, and I keep opening 10 chests at a time, repeatedly), the you quickly reach the 96k Soulstones you need for the Swordsmaster. And getting him up to 5* is just as quick, because of it. Also, 5* Ember Blade does some RIDICULOUSLY OP damage.

  15. BDSs

    I have read through the most of the comments and everyone is arguing about tanks, I have 2 accounts at level 85 each, why is everyone talking about brute, at early game up until level 60 ish, but then he drops rapidly, his skill is handy but considering most people will be using either fallen dominion or cloud walker, his skill regularly gets used on ghosts. Here’s my tank break down, I don’t care if you agree with me lol, lvl 1-60 – brute, war chief, iron hoof – lvl 61-89 – war chief, drunken master, iron hoof, ironside (spiky think lol) – lvl 90 legendary – admiral (the best), drunken master, war chief (maybe), iron hoof (maybe)… reguarding ironhoof, I don’t understand why any one goes for him, he is a good tank, ide say 3rd best until 90 legendary then he drops to 4th, but to get iron hoof you have to pass up on fallen dominion, cloud walker, ember blade and death mage, he isn’t as good or as needed as any of them, so from lvl 1 to lvl 90, the first tank ide work on is war chief, focus on him directly and get him 5 star as soon as you can, I think mine was around level 60, then who ever else you want, and some where from 70-80 work on admiral, final comment, death knight isn’t a tank in any stretch of the word, he is awesome for crusade, most important character along side death mage and chaplain, if you don’t win death knight I wouldn’t recommend working on him, ide just buy him from mercenary, personally, and that’s my tank tip, hope it helps.

  16. Matt Greaves

    i use CW Cloud Walker – PvP – Rating: 5/5 – Role: Fighter mine is lvl 55 and 3 star maxed everything and he is just a big pain in peoples but and woops arssss to

    i have dk wc succ tusk phenix commando shadowleaf well sht loads and i rekon cloud phenix and chaplin alltogether work real well im lvl 55 and ranked 3500 in my area and hold that spot

  17. Marion Paulitsch

    Dear Heroes,
    Which team would you recommend me setup for Arena&Crusade Lv range 73-80? have the following heroes ->
    Commando5*, FD3*, DM3*, WC3*, OC3*, DM3*, CW3*, NA3*, SL3*, FM3*, Succu3*, Mysric3*, Chaplain3*, ArcaneS3*, Phönix4*, VS3*, BW3*, Psych2*

    Thanks a lot
    My team now -> Commando, SL, CW, FD, WC
    For fight -> CW, SL, FD, NA, commando

    Pyta ?

  18. Nikki

    So Ancient Protector is the latest hero considered to be one of the best in this category? are all the new heroes after him good or just plain terrible?

  19. Chloe

    You should add turtle fighter. I haven’t seem him in my server yet, but I heard he is very tough to counter.

    1. furyox Post author

      Hi, yes he is missing. He is more a decent one and not very strong. There are much better tanks like Drunken Master or Ironhoof.

  20. Iskariot

    Turtle is a beast, the only effective counter ive found for him is chaplain actually… What makes him so tough is the way he rolls to your back line and throws up his shield, making for a long lasting distraction that really… just works… He also counters the vanguards charge at the start of the battle, stunning him as soon as he tries to charge out

    Chaplain can charm him and make him take a stroll back to where he came from though, not a great counter hero, but one that works

    I would also recommend adding the new scorpion queen… Shes just plain broken… Destroys sapper and consistently tops damage boards even when paired with some of the best dps heroes in the game

    And i agree that WC is FAR from the best tank, one of the best… Sure… Really thats more situational… But late game? I can tell you that in late game drunken master will take both his lives and just keep going 9\10 times

    10\10 top 10 arena players use him on most servers, for good reason

    Just my input i guess, could be wrong, but ill say i run a guild consistantly top 1\2 on the server i currently play most (not saying it makes me “pro” or anything… But seen enough to know

  21. OziGraph

    Have a question here … I’m really confused what to lvl up , what to use for Arena Def , ATk , Crusade or Campaing … IF someone are experimented and can give me some suggestion i really appreciate that … There is my Hero list … 1st account : Death Bringer , Commando , Emberstar , Machinist , Psychopath , Admiral , Cleric , Chaplain , Soulhunter , Professinal Killer , Crossed knght , Lightning master , shadow leaf , mystic , Frost mage , Phoenix and Shallow Keeper …. The 2nd Accounrt is : Brute , Commando , Admiral , Emberstar , Phoenix , Chaplain , Shadow Leaf , Cleric , Lightning master , Depths voice, Shallow Keeper , Psychic sword , Bear warrior and Crossed knight…. THANKS A LOTS ALL

    1. plantaseed2013

      1 – why 2 accounts? 1 account is really enough if you want to become a real “Heroes Charge Gamer”, then brute, cleric, psychic sword, frost mage professionnal killer : this ones are not used after level 80 because they are unpowerful. All the others must to be up

  22. Arran Butters

    Hi all. Newish player here. . Only have 11 heroes lvl 30ish..
    So far I have the death mage.. physcopath.. wind master.. lightning master.. lightning spirit.. chaplain.. and mystic and ofc the 3 starters..

    been using phyco..admiral..death mage..wind master and Chaplin so far for pve/ crusade and same but shadow leaf instead of Chaplin in pvp.. any recommendations would be great.. Thanks.

  23. Puerta

    Who is the best tank at level 90+ ??
    War Chief, Drunken Master, Disease Bringer, Death Knight ??
    On my server most of the top players use Disease Bringer, a few ones uses WC or DM….
    Also a lot uses Admiral (legendary) or no tanks (Fallen Dominion?)

    Please share your opinion and your server experience!! thanks

  24. sebastien


    I really like your website by the way, really helpfull.
    When do you plan to update this page ? Might be interesting to include all the new heroes…

    Thanks again

    1. furyox Post author

      thanks for the feedback!
      I really try to keep this page updated but it’s not so easy, because the new heroes always need to be tested. Especially how they perform in arena and guild raids.

  25. Michael Paddock

    I know it’s hard to maintain a website. But you have the best site for Hero’s Charge on the internet and you haven’t updated in over two months. That’s very disappointing!!!

  26. Kris

    Hi, Im not sure which heroes to keep leveling and which to not level, any advice is much appreciated, I’m lvl 78 my heroes are as follows in highest to lowest level:

    Commando, warchief, death mage, fallen dominion, cloud Walker, ember blade, phoenix, iron hoof, death knight, chaplain, frost mage, arcane sapper, old curse mystic.

    Lvl 60 or less:

    Brute, bear warrior, soul hunter, lunar guardian, cleric, admiral, savage one, poisoned one, shadow leaf, master mage, psychopath, pilot, wandering spearman, light bringer, shallow keeper, death gore, dwarf warrior.

    40 or less

    ice mage, ember star, forest guardian, lightning master, sniper, shadow shaman, lightning spirit.

    Level 1s:

    Depths voice, machinist, professional killer, warrior monk, rifleman, vanguard warrior, imperial executioner, silencer, tusked storm, cross knight, enchantress,

    1. King

      For your tanks:
      Warchief, Vanguard Warrior, Dwarf Warrior, and/or Cross Knight, Admiral, Psychopath

      Your front line:
      Depths Voice(farm her asap, very important late game, Fallen D (Top arena hero), Arcane Sapper, Ember blade, Cloud Walker

      Your dps/ CC heroes:
      Machinist, Death Mage, Imp E ( farm his stones asap), Old Curse, Phoenix, Frost Mage,
      Lunar Guardian

      Your backline support/ enemy impaired:
      Commando, Silencer (Very good hero for late game) shadowleaf Chaplin and mystic, poison one

      Drop all other heroes I didn’t mention since your near TL 80. Depending on how many stars your hero level is determines how effect they are. So just a short important heroes I would farm stones on now and shop on

      Fallen d
      Ninja assassin
      Death Mage
      Imp E
      Depths Voice
      War Chief
      Poison One
      Old Curse

      Do not farm * heroes ss, you can farm the bronze chest to reach max 5 stars (Admiral, Emberstar, Machinist, Psychopath etc)

    2. ATM3

      I agree with King. A few things I learn as I get higher lvl and arena rank it becomes brutally competitive especially from rank 300 and up. Not only do the heroes you pick and the team combo matters, but also having your heroes fully geared and 100% enchanted really matters. That said, I would also like to give you my opinion/suggestion for the heroes you already own that are useful for Arena, and heroes that are useful for Crusade at high levels.

      Fallen D, Silencer, Admiral (Legendary), Cloud W, Shadow Leaf, Depth Voice (Legendary), Machinist, Dwarf Warrior, War Chief, Iron Hoof, Commando, Arcane Sapper, Mystic (Legendary), Ember Blade, Old Curse, Frost Mage & Imperial Ex (Legendary), Psychopath (Legendary).

      How you like to focus on is up to you. But definitely do focus on Fallen D, Depth Voice (Legendary), Silencer, Machinist.

      A few tips from my experience in Arena:
      -Mystic (Legendary) is a great combo with Cloud W (Weak resistance for magic atk but Mystic legendary skill will help negate that).

      -When you see Machinist and Frost Mage combo, do not use Cloud W, he will just get owned quick by their ult and charge both of them up for 2nd ult (not gonna be pretty).

      -Ember Blade is great and all but the higher lvl you get the better he is at helping your opponent heroes to charge up their ult, u may be asking for a quick barrage of ult from your opponent heroes faster if you don’t kill them off 1st.

      -War Chief start becoming less effective as tank from lvl 90+. Instead is more like a body for your opponent to charge up their ult since he can tank plus 2nd chance to do that (when he revived).

      -Shadow Leaf is great up to about lvl 88 to 90ish and then Orange Silencer would be a better choice.

      -Commando also becomes less useful once u get to about lvl 90+. Her boast becomes less effective.

      Death Mage, Chaplain, Mystic, Frost Mage, Death Knight, Old Curse.

      I have never once not get a 100% crusade clear in Hard mode with these Heroes. Whatever you do, never ever let your Death Mage or Chaplain die until the very last map (15). If occasionally you lose your Death Knight, War Chief, Iron Hoof or Fallen D may be able to somewhat fill that tank role (not as well but good enough). Either that or hire another DK in your guild merch camp.

      Heroes like your Poison One, Phoenix, Master Mage, Soulhunter, Rifleman, Cleric, Bear Warrior, Savage Ones and Wandering Spearman are situational and only useful in certain outworld portal boss, Raid or certain PVE situation. Only work on them when you got extra resources.

      And if you got extra guild coins, arena coins for new heroes, I suggest Ninja Assassin in guild merchant and Death Bringer in arena merchant as well.

      The absolute garbage heroes in my opinion are Professional Killer, Lightning Master, Light Bringer, Death Gore, Sniper, Forest Guardian, Lightning Spirit, Brute. Cross Knight and Enchantress I have not seen enough of them to really judge how they are.

      These are just my opinions/suggestions, you don’t have to follow them 100%, whatever works for you.

        1. ATM3

          Hi furyox
          Thanks for the great web site, you have one of the better guide if not the best of a few of the sites I run across. Was gonna just make a few comments but somehow turn into a long essay post…lol.

      1. King

        Great suggestions.

        Key heroes who goes from mediocre or good to really good with legendary if interested:

        SK: shallows keeper
        IE: Imperial Executioner
        ES: Ember Star
        DV: Depths Voice

        SK becomes best dmg resistance tank (0+2)
        Especially with legendary, but you need his legendary to add value, otherwise he’s very mediocre

        IE becomes a single target massacre and hidden gem to get rid of NA, legendary only makes matters worse

        ES is already a solid hero, with legendary she can assist in robot fighter portal, campaign and also a decent counter to NA

        DV when fully geared at O+2 with legendary becomes a decent tank, and a great defensive off tank. Her phantom can soak up single target nukes (IE, Mach, ES) and cause some dmg!

        1. ATM3

          Agreed. I don’t know much about SK because I don’t use him nor do I run across him at all at my server. But legendary IE, he can make short work of any heroes including Fallen Dominion (FD). They were time he just get rid of my FD in arena within the first 10 secs of the match in arena. I hated him.

          1. King

            Yeah I’m currently working on IE as we speak because of that lol. L SK is a great Sponge tank late game (even compared to Admiral) and his ult cc hits full screen so he great to have for GA. I forgot to mention L LE, with his legendary you can find nice variations to actually supress the likes of IE or MACH draining their energy to turn the tide of battle to your side. Haven’t really worked on LE though, but he legit with Legendary.

  27. Edmund

    Hi King,
    need you advise which team should i use for Arena? I have Sniper 5 star Gold, Brute 5 star Gold, Sccubus 5 star Gold, Fallen Domnion 5 star Gold,Old Curse 5 star Purple +4, Lunar Guardian 5 star Purple + 4, Phoenix 5 star purple + 4, Admiral 4 star purple + 4, Soulhunter 4 star purple +4?

    1. ATM3

      I am not King, but came across your post. Personally, I think you should of never gotten your Brute and Sniper to that lvl, they both are junk heroes at high lvl, completely useless. Sorry I sound a little harsh but is the truth.

      Get your Admiral to Orange and Legendary ASAP, she became one of the best tank when she is Legendary. FD and Admiral works well together, also get your OC to Orange. OC and Phoenix are great counter to FD and Cloud Walker combo (kill them fast). Also get your Succubus to Legendary soon. She is survive a lot longer at Legendary just like Admiral. With what you have, I think L Admiral, FD, OC, Phoenix and L Succubus might give you a pretty decent arena team.

      Soulhunter just ok in arena he is better for PVE like outland portal and guild raids.

      Lunar Guardian becomes less and less useful at higher lvl. And she only works well when combined with Commando, but herself she is not all that great plus she is squishy.

      Any other heroes you got?

      1. Edmund

        Thanks for the advise ATM3, i still have Queen of Curse, Deathknight ,Professional killer, what your opinion should i level them up?

        1. King

          If you have Arcane Sapper and Hidden Needle
          Death Knight does wonders as a tank, otherwise I would move to others tanks who just overall better (AD, SK, CK, DB, WC)

  28. ATM3

    To be honest, I don’t know anything about Queen of Curse, she was very powerful when they first release her but I heard she is one of the hero nerfed (got toned down). Deathknight generally great for PVE like crusade, outland portal & trials and stuff. Although in grand arena, he is actually a great combo with say Arcane Sapper, Ember blade & shadowleaf. Professional killer is just as useless as sniper and brute.

      1. King

        Sorry for the late response. ATM covered the more important factors of heroes you should invest in, everything also depends on your team level as, if your not at 90 yet don’t worry about lengedaries at moment.

        Anyway, don’t invest in any of the heroes ATM mentioned who are trash tier (sniper, PK, Brute), Brute is only solid in lower levels but falls off the roof midway.

        Two tanks I would seriously consider investing in if your post TL 90:

        CK (Crossed Knight) Highly underrated and probably does his job at “Tanking” damage than any other tank. His taunt skill helps you mid line build their energy and his ult can soak up nasty nukes (IE, Mach, ES,) and he can tank FD and NA pretty who are highly used.
        His dmg output however is horrid and he has no other skills outside of his taunt that assist you and your team, and it can easily be interrupted. Overall he is solid with the right build and easily farmable in Crusade shop

        DB (Death Bringer) He has made his way into my main team and I’m glad I invested in him. High MR, a disable skill that really helps against the likes of FD, CW, EB (he can literally turn EB useless even after EB lands his remnants) he can eat clones (EB, CW, FD, DV). Biggest beaf with him is he can’t tank alone until 5* 0+2, but trust its worth it all, if his legendary was available now he would probably rival AD as best tank overall.

        These are just suggestions as to what I recommend, but you choose who you think best serves you well!

        1. ATM3

          King is right, I am working on my DB as we speak. I don’t know about CK but I do notice he has been used more and more often lately in my server especially by top players. Can’t be a coincident.

        2. Vrouxos

          King and atm3 i read a lot of comments and post and i think you are the only one that can help me… I don’t want to spend my time with useless heroes and I understand from your comments what heroes i have to throw to the bin… I need your opinion about 5 heroes for pvp and 5 heroes for pve that i have to lvling and if I didn’t have him to buy him immediately… I read about some must have heroes but i need that answer like a general results from all that comment… Thnx

  29. Derek

    Wow. These replies are good and some very bad… Ok. So psychopath, admiral, and Iron Hoof are the best tanks in the game. Admiral and psycho have legendary skills. I just finished my psycho L skill a week ago and he is awesome.. Besides that, the top heroes to get, and by the way are pretty much free from bronze chest…
    Death mage
    Death knight( for crusade especially)
    Vanguard Worrior
    Frost Mage
    Ember Blade
    Disease Bringer
    Dwarf Warrior
    War Chief
    Scorpion queen
    Queen of the Cursed
    Savage One
    Depths Voice
    Vengeance Spirit
    Also death bringer is very very good at lvl90 o1.. So this should help anyone that has questions about which heroes to buy/farm. I’m lvl91 and no one told me to get DV or VS and I can’t get past campaign lvl16 first stage… So yeah this list should lead u in the right direction

  30. King

    TF (Turtle Fighter) and Griffen are starting to shineva bit, VIP players are taking notice. They are only for VIP players but their usage rate went WAY up above even AD. While AD has better stats a 5* O+2 TF & Griffen utility outshines her in almost every way!!

    TF can disrupt your whole team at the beginning of battle turning their back to you, and while they are focused on TF (who can tank pretty well even at 3*) this gives your squad time to chop them down and build energy. TF can also stun whole party with his role (invincible skill) taunt a hero and create a shiel that tanks dmg. Kind of op if you ask me.

    Griffen just can in and destroyed those L LE teams because of his ability to get rid of NA and DV in sec lol

    Just a little reminder of new heroes who changing the playing field a little bit. Oh QoC she absolutely awesome!!!

    1. ATM3

      Hey King,
      You are right about TF Griffen and QoC, also wanted to mention that Legendary Commander is also being used a lot now too. In fact she is so good that she is making Legendary Admiral look like a joke. Her ulti not only heal herself, she can literally touch or interrupt any heroes skills that are previously untouchable by any other heroes such as SM spinning attack, FD demon mode, etc. Seen it happened in action.

  31. Ora

    Hi, this topic is really great, good job! When do you think you will add some heroes that have been in game for a while already? For example Queen of Curse, Dwarf Warrior, etc.

  32. Knightwalker

    So hi !
    I kinda left Heroes Charge for 4 months and now I’m back and kinda lost track… idk what to upgrade anymore since there is sooo many heroes I wanna upgrade. Can someone please help me and tell me what to upgrade first?

    My heroes atm :
    Top 5 (I always use):
    Wind Master(lv51)

    I usually use too :
    Old Curse+2(lv50)
    Depths Voice+2(lv48)
    Lightning Master+2(lv48)

    Current heroes (I just leveled them because I read this post and idk I just leveled it because it might helps?) :
    Iron Hoof+2(lv49)
    Arcane Sapper+2(lv49)
    Shadow Shaman+2(lv48)
    Crossed Knight+2(lv43)
    Vanguard Warrior+1(lv40)
    Shallow Keeper+1(lv40)
    Imperial Execution+1(lv39)

    Other heroes that I level back then (at that time idk how to play so I level all my heroes… yeah call me stupid and noob but I thought I just wanna make sure all of them were at the same level :
    Bear Warrior+1(lv44)
    Warrior Monk+2(lv44)
    Ghost musician+1(lv40)
    Nature Storm+1(lv40)
    Ice Mage(lv37)

    So when I read this post I thought I wanna level Iron Hoof and Arcane Sapper first (all the skill still at 1). Just now I leveled Mystic and shadow shaman(all max skill). Idk what I did is right or wrong…

    And at the arena I fight with only ONE ARCHANE SAPPER LV 62 (3star) and I lost in 1 min ! So I started leveled Arcane sapper.

    At this moment I tried to farm Chaplain, Warchief and Wind Master.

    I really wanna get my hand on Deathknight (but it didn’t shows up at the arena’s shop or is it crusade’s shop?)

    Please anyone tell me which heroes should I focus first? And which skill in that heroes should I get it to the max (same level with my heroes I mean because I will end up max all of their skill if idk which skill is good)

    Thanks !

    1. ATM3

      Knightwalker, I am just going to let you know that some of your heroes are useful at your current lvl but will be useless as you lvl up. I will try to be brief but not sure I can with your lost lists.

      Wind Master – at lvl 60-70+ she will start becoming useless.
      Admiral, Commando, Chaplain – keep working on them all the way, they are useful even at high level. Legendary Admiral at lvl 90+ was one of the best tank a few months ago until Legendary Commander start showing up. Definitely do get Commander, she is better than Admiral now, but don’t get me wrong, admiral still solid at high lvl just not as good anymore.
      Cleric, you can also drop if you want, he can be legendary at lvl 90 but really just good for tanking at specific situation, don’t invest in him if you don’t have the extra resources to burn.

      OC, SL, DV, ES keep, drop LM (useless).

      IH only good up to about lvl 90, then he start falling behind compare to some of the top tank heroes.
      Make IE your #1 priority, he is much needed at high lvl both in arena and pve. AS, Mystic, SS, CK, VW are still useful at high lvl…keep working if you have resources. Phoenix, SH and SK are also has their use, but I would put them more 2ndary.

      Those you mentioned from BW and down, yes you got the right idea…leave them unless u r bored and got resources to burn.

      WC is kind of like IH, they both are good solid tank from purple until around lvl 90, then they start to suck.

      If you have not done so, I highly recommend you to get these heroes ASAP to plan when you get toward lvl 90 and up. Here they are:

      Fallen Dominion
      Cloud Walker
      Ninja Assassin
      Death Bringer
      Turtle Fighter
      Hidden Needle
      Vengeance Spirit
      Ember Blade

      Death Knight is mostly just for pve only, specially crusade. He is also a good combo with AS, making him a lot more deadly in arena. He is great if combined with Death Mage, Frost Mage, OC and Mystic or Chap in pve, especially in crusade.

      Hope it helps, good luck and have fun.

      1. Knightwalker

        Thank you very much ! It really helps ! and how about rose fencer? just got him. And Death mage I can leveled her up till 90+? right?

  33. Jojo

    At level 90+ best tank for me is FD hands down. Once he is orange+2 he normally outlasts the whole team. I’ve been in situations 3 against 1 and walked away victorious with FD. Second best tank for me is DW. DW has nice damage, nice hp and can stun. Third best is CK. CK is pretty much a solid mass of defense with stun capabilities.

    1. ATM3

      Don’t know which server you are in, but at my server, FD is really not that intimidating at rank 100 and up in arena anymore. In fact he can be owned easy with the right heroes. Example, Legendary IE turn him in to a chicken or duck at the beginning of the match and it will make short work on him in seconds. Putting FD as the frontline tank against team with silence, crowd control heroes is a big mistake at high rank in arena. He is really not that much of a threat plus squishy before he can ulti and turn into demon form. He still need an actual good solid tank with high armor or HP such as DW or CK you mentioned to tank for him before he can go into his OP mode.

      Not saying FD is not good, just saying he does has his weaknesses. Players at high lvl with rank 100 and above in arena knows his weakness and have found ways to counter him easy.

      In reality there is no such thing as best tank, is all about finding a good team combo. A team with synergy is more important than relying on one specific hero.

  34. King

    It’s been awhile, wassup ATM. Ok so here are the important factors for new players or mia players, ALOT has changed over the course of 3-4 months. I will make this as short as possible

    We now have Red/Red +1 gear which shifts certain once useless heroes into really good heroes (WMonk and Cleric comes to mind). Plus the meta has changed. So in short here’s a list oh heroes who are dominating arena at the moment;

    L Commdr
    L IE
    L DV

    Heroes who took a slight dip

    Heroes under the radar (some magic stone event heroes)
    L Cleric

    I will update some important info soon

    1. ATM3

      Hi King, been a while. Yes as usual u fill in stuff that missed. I forgot to mentioned QoC, Mani and Griff, yea they are definitely been used a lot. Although being how OP that Griff is, I won’t be surprise if they nerf that hero eventually.

      Yea L Adm and Sil really not as good anymore. Seems like Mani and L Commander are their replacement now. I was never really impress with NA and EB, yes they are strong and everyone use them and good to have around. But in arena, I never have problem killing them. Those 2 just rely on crit and agility to stay alive, all u need is some crowd control hero like L DV and FD or even L Commander around, and they are no threat. Don’t get me wrong they come in very handy in some PVE contents and still very much needed.

      Not sure about L Cleric though, I mean he is only good at 1 thing – tanking. Perfect to be on the defending team in arena, or for Rage blood in Outland portal, he is hard to kill. But if u need offense such as attack in arena to kill he is kind of a wasted spot in your heroes lineup.

  35. King

    L Cleric with O+2 gear can be solid, but only defensive teams in GA and like you said he has a place in pve (raged blood, cursed city, chpt 17-18). However his red gear is really impressive, he gains huge armor upgrades that finally makes him a more beefed sturdy tank, if you pair a R+1 L Cleric with a R+1 SH and 3 dps heroes behind team (NA, HN, AS, VS etc) you basically have a wall of healing and protection, this hasn’t been tested but I plan on doing some in the future.

    Griffen is strong hero but not impressive, he can be counterd with misdirection (TF, AS, CW) and if he waste his ult he becomes exposed.

    Remember red gear is going to shift things here I’d say in the next couple months. Your usuel boring line ups will still dominate of course at red (TF, L IE, L Commdr, Manip, L DV) but some heroes who were once lost in the dust look Very interesting when promoted past O+2 to red and beyond (WMonk, L Cleric, IM, Mountain). Problem is ppl who are well invested into the current meta like you and myself struggle to find time to farm those heroes cause it was a waste of time and quite frankly takes too much time lol. My current team arena is very boring for example but its the only way for me to compete even in the top 20:

    TL: 97
    O+2 (full) TF
    O+2 (full) DeB
    O+2 (full) L Commdr
    O+2 (full) Manip
    O+2 (full) L IE

    All 5 star except TF, he’s 4*.
    Working on red gear as we speak and guess who’s the lucky bastard who got picked first cause of the boring ass meta…..? You guessed right TF lol.

    1. ATM3

      Yea you got a point. They still have to be tested out. My TL: 95 not far from TL96. Although I got no problem defending some lvl 98 sometimes..pissed them off of course..haha. At this point just kind of like the usual boring lineup to be with others, so sad. Kind of working on getting my HN up and see if helps change things up a bit. I actually don’t have TF yet but I know he is much needed. When I need one in PVE I just rent from guild merch. I have L DV instead.

  36. King

    Yeah HN is a great choice, I use her often with Comm and AS in GA. I’m actually working on L BW for raids only. I didn’t realize he could do like over 2-3 million dmg alone lol. He won’t make it on my arena roster though.

    1. ATM3

      L BW also great for 7 and 8 cursed city for Hero Trial. He can tank and dps all day on those when combined with CW, QoC, SL with either SS or DiseaseB. BW and SS are like best buddy. BW dps is high and heal himself when strike especially when he ulti, heal back up like nothing. Problem with him in arena is all these other heroes got high dodge and he will just miss all the time and pretty much mean he doesn’t heal back up plus he is an easy target to kill 1st at frontline…lol. That’s too bad otherwise he would of been OP in arena as well.

  37. King

    I’m working on BW legendary for Cursed City as well, been struggling to complete Diff 8, those purple baddies always nuke my NA, so I had to take him out of the line up lol.
    What do you think of DuK (Dugeon Keeper)? I didn’t really care to work on him but I’ve come across ALOT of DuK lately in GA. He is very tanky and supplies your whole team with something like 220 MR (holy s*#@) and his ult hits like a truck, though he only targets whoever is in front of him kind of lame. I may give him a try.

    1. ATM3

      I m as clueless as you for DuK, have not run in him much in my server so not sure, but from what you describe that does sounds very useful. Yea I don’t have L BW either but my guidmates does. Borrowed theirs to help me get 3* in cursed city..hehe. I used Disease B to support that L BW although from my understanding SS is actually better than Disease B to support L BW. I don’t have SS 5* yet so I have yet to test that out. Yea don’t use NA for curse city 7 or 8, he will just get killed.

  38. King

    I heard that as well how SS is a better support back liner for BW than DiB, I think it has to do alot with his blue skill and his ult will always target BW replenishing his HP. I don’t have SS at 5* either, but I do have him at 4* O+1, I could promote him to O+2 but don’t know if its worth it prioritize a support hero? He’s kind of underrated though.

    1. ATM3

      Yea I think you right about that. At least you are ahead of me though, I have not bother to work on SS until recently, mine is just barely reached 4* and still sitting at lvl 40s…lol. If any of your guildmate has him, why not ask them for a favor to throw him in merch camp for you to borrow. At least that is what I would do if you rather spend your resources elsewhere.

  39. Aukstuolis

    Hello what is best team for arena and for Grand arena thank you i am 65 lvl.
    What hero i should get or make more * ? Thank you

    Purple +1

    Desert lycan 4*
    Dwarf warrior 3*
    Queen of Curse 3*
    Commander 3*
    Commando 4*
    Ember Blade 1*
    Pheonix 4*
    Manipulator 3*
    Drunken master 3*
    Death Mage 2*
    War chief 2*
    Silencer 2*
    Light Bringer 2*
    Arcane Sapper 1*
    Chaplain 2*

    Machinist 2*
    Mystic 1*
    Old Curse 2*
    ShadowLeaf 1*
    Dungeon Keeper 1*

    BLUE +2

    Frost mage 2*
    Vanguard Warrior 1*
    Cleric 5*
    Bear Warrior 3*
    Poisoned One 3*
    Brute 3*
    Admiral 2*
    Savage One 2*
    Ice Mage 2*
    Ferryman 2*
    Shadow Shaman 2*
    Psychic sword 2*
    Enchantress 2*
    Rifleman 1*
    Nature Storm 1*
    Forest guardian 1*
    Psychopath 1*
    Tusked Storm 1*
    Crossed knight 1*
    Sniper 1*
    Emberstar 1*
    Lightning Master 1*
    Rose Fencer 1*
    Shallows Keeper 1*
    Depths Voice 2*
    Ghost Musician 2*

    1. ATM3

      It all depends on which heroes you like more. Some are better than others. For long term wise to be useful for you when u reach lvl 90+ they are as follows:

      All the ones in your Purple +1 list are good heroes to keep except Light Bringer (you can drop him). WC is only good up to about lvl 90 and then he can’t no longer keep up with the rest of the tank heroes. Phoenix is kind of 2ndary but not bad to have around sometimes.

      Keep all the ones in your Purple list, I have to be honest I don’t know much about DunK yet, he may be good to keep too.

      Your Blue+2 list some u want to keep but not all. The most important one you really want to work on ASAP from this list is DV. A few others I also highly recommend are Emberstar, Admiral, Vanguard W and Cleric. The rest u don’t have to worry too much until u have extra resources to burn.

      Instead I also highly recommend getting these heroes as well:
      Ninja Assassin
      Turtle Fighter
      Imperial Executioner
      Cloud Walker
      Fallen Dominion
      Griffin (if you have access to him)
      Hidden Needle
      Death Bringer

  40. King

    Everything ATM said, your still mid game lvl so you actually have a real nice set of heroes.
    Remember to farm 1* heroes from bronze chest only, *2 heroes come a little tough to farm so I recommend working on DV and IE asap as it will give you more options down road (SS, IM, GM, SO)

      1. ATM3

        I like your 2016 hero ratings, just by taking a quick look. It looks like they are pretty spot on.

  41. Jasoncxx

    Commando 5* lvl 62 pink+1
    Death knight 5* lvl 62 pink +1
    Warchief 5* lvl 62 pink
    Shadowlief 3* lvl 62 pink
    Chaplain 2* lvl 62 pink+1
    Imperial executioner 2* lvl 62 pink
    Unsullied champion 1* lvl 62blue+2
    Tarot Prophet 4* lvl61 pink+1
    Cloud walker 4* lvl 61 pink
    Old curse 4* lvl 61 pink
    Commander 3* lvl 61 pink
    Ember Blade 3* lvl 61 pink
    Death Mage 2* lvl 61 pink+1
    Frost Mage 3* lvl 60 pink+1
    Dwarf Warrior 2* lvl 60 pink+1
    Inferno 2* lvl 60 pink
    Demon Assassin 2* lvl 60 blue+2
    Fiend Slayer 3* lvl 60 pink+1
    Mystic *2 lvl 58 pink
    Elder Giant 1* lvl 56 pink
    Light Bringer 1* lvl 53 pink +1
    Arcane sappear 1* lvl 53 pink
    Lunar guardian 3* lvl 50 pink
    Ooze 2* lvl 52 pink
    Cleric & wandering spearman & nature storm & lightening elemental & poisoned one = all pink but I don’t use them or make them strong idk the word
    Ghost musician & wind master & succubus & machinist & silencer & psycopath & dungeon keeper & lrosed knight & sniper &a warrior monk & deathgore & Iron Hoof & tusked storm & lightening master & admiral & psychic sword & vanguard warrior & Emberstar & pilot & Brute & shallows keeper = are heroes I never used

    Please can you make for me 3 teams
    And make a strong team for crusade and for arena and for 3 teams for hard arena ?!
    And tell me which of the unused heroes I should start use
    I’m lost so any advice from you I’ll appreciate it alot thank you


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