Hero Shop Guide – Which Hero should I buy in the Shops?

Hero Shop Guide – Which Hero should I buy in the Shops?

updated 08/03/2015

This Hero Shop Guide is for players that may ask themself what Heroes they should buy at first from the shops and how they should spend the points they have earnd. Especially if you are a new player, this is maybe hard to figure out. In this case, I made a Hero Shop Guide for all 4 shops and ordered the Heroes you can buy in that way, I think you should buy them. I compared different Guides and ordered the Heroes according to their importance.
There are some Heroes in Heroes Charge which are a must have and required for all challenges in the game, like the Commando or the Drunkenmaster.
This Hero Shop Guide is just an aid and you do not need to follow this list. It also depence which Heroes you already own. Keep in mind, to always upgrade the Heroes in this Hero Shop Guide to 5 Stars before you buy soul stones for the next one.

In each shop 5 soul stones for a Hero cost exactly 500 Points and you can redeem them every 24 hours. Everyday at 9:00 pm the Shops will be reseted and refreshed and you can buy the Hero soul stones again. The same applies also for the new Soul Shop but the prices are different. Check out how to obtain Souls for the Soul Shop here.

Hero Shop Guide

Crusade Supply Depot – Crusade Dragon Points

1. COM Commando
2. FM Frost Mage
3. PHO Phoenix
4. WM Windmaster
5. PT Pilot
6. LB Light Bringer
7. CK Crossed Knight
8. VW Vanguard Warrior
9. DW Dwarf Warrior

Guild Shop – Guild Points

1. NA Ninja Assassin
 AS Arcane Sapper
3. LG Lunar Guardian
4. TS Tusked Storm
5. SUCCU Succubus
6. DB Disease Bringer
7. LS Lightning Spirit
8. BRU Brute
9. SK Shallow Keeper

Grand Arena Shop – Grand Arena Points

1. DM Death Mage
2. CW Cloud Walker
3. FD Fallen Dominion
4. IH Iron Hoof
5. EB Ember Blade
6. SLORD Storm Lord
7. APAncient Protector
8. WD Wizard Doctor
9. DG Death Gore

Arena Quartermaster – Arena Points

1. PA Drunken Master
2. PO Poisoned One
3. OC Old Curse
4. DK Death Knight
5. DEB Death Bringer
6. WS Wandering Spearman
7. IS Ice Spirit
8.  Forest Guardian
9. HN Hidden Needle

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43 thoughts on “Hero Shop Guide – Which Hero should I buy in the Shops?

    1. Vertigel

      I think because PO is used in more stages than OC (PO is core against Robot Fighter and Northern Dragon, and is useful in some guild raids), even though the OC is totally stronger than PO in PvP.

  1. Rashid

    im lvl 65 now and started spending arena points on drunken master early i have him now at 3* and then i went to OC i have him now at 3* at my level i use drunken master as my second team tank WC 3* is way better then him at least he can tank more! or am i missing something?

    should i invest in drunken master or OC? plus i have all the arena heroes except hidden needle?

    1. Vertigel

      At Lv.65 WC is the best tank in the game, due to his purple skill which make him revive in the middle of enemy team, and his global life steal which is basically awesome for every physical hero.
      To answer your question, you should invest on both Drunken Master and Old Curse: OC is one of the best damage dealer in the game and has a very good cc; Drunken is a nice tank, and is easier to max up than WC, since you can farm his ss in arena and not only in élite campaign.

  2. Valhalen

    Wow, Hidden Needle is bad? She is at the bottom of the list. I didn’t get her yet, but I heard she is good. Wandering Spearman is shit and much higher in the list.

    1. Mike

      Hidden Needle is a great hero with the right team. These lists are someone’s very poor opinions. I mean he has Arcane Sapped listed as #2. That hero is useless unless the opposing mage is the only one in the back. Just an example. Fallen Dominion is out of place, FD can take out Death Mage and Cloud Walker by himself, I’ve done it, although Death Mage is a favorite of mine.

  3. SirFurry

    Bad list… Vanguard Warrior is total crap. Ferryman is total crap. Old Curse should be at the top of the list, he is priority for new players. Lunar Guardian is terrible. Brute does next to nothing damage. Shallows Keeper should be much higher on the list, he’s the first viable tank for a new player. DK should def be #2 after OC. Players need to get DK ASAP for crusade and high level PVE. So many useless heroes on this list, WTH?

    1. furyox Post author

      These are all Heroes available in the shops and I sorted them after a importance, I think I would buy them. You don’t need to follow this list its just an advice.

    2. Tim Fack

      I like the Lunar Guardian she rounds out my grand arena team offering a huge boost to damage and her attacks hit everyone. I agree that the VW and Ferryman are not very good.

      1. Valhalen

        The problem is that Lunar Guardian splash damage is pretty bad. She ends up giving free energy to the enemy team. She is only useful because of the Attack Power Aura, other than that she is a piece of shit.

  4. Death knight

    DK is absolute trash after a certain point and you should NOT burn arena points on him when there are too many heroes to get before him that are viable longer. Rent him from you clan.

  5. Darren

    I have all heroes on list except cw dg and hidden needle. My main heroes are level 86 all maxed 22 of them. Still finding it difficult to get correct combination of heroes because I still get beat by heroes levels as low as 82. can anyone suggest full team lists thank you.

    1. Valhalen

      • Death Mage, Old Curse, Frost Mage, Commando, Mystic: best Team for Crusades.

      • Iron Hoof/War Chief/Death Bringer/Swordmaster, Fallen Dominion, Cloud Walker, Emberblade, Commando: brutal cleave. Since you don’t have Cloud Walker, use Swordmaster instead and go with one of the other tanks.

      • Fallen Dominion, Tusked Storm, Lunar Guardian, Commando, Shadowleaf: even though it uses Lunar Guardian, who sucks later in the game, her Attack Power buff stacks with Commando’s and Shadowleaf’s, which combined with Tusked Storm will make Fallen Dominion unstoppable and even more brutal.

  6. Eulette

    Hi, I h been trying to find the Guild store and cannot find it, can you please tell me where that store is located.
    Thank you

      1. Eulette

        Thank you Valhalen I did find it, now I have another question, how can you get Admiration? I don’t understand how that works, any information is greatly appreciated.

  7. Ezekiel

    DK should be N1, after this OC. Because you need to do that fucking crusade every day clear with level 30! It is the easiest way to get new heroes and coins. I clear, since Hard Crusade is out with the last patch, every day hard crusade and you know what my main tank is? DK. The most heroes like Drunken Master you can get later, when you really need them. Its a long road to 90, so you have enough time for that. And don’t waste your stamina on heroes you can get from “Coins” or Chests”. Time will get you all to 5 star. Be patient 😉

    1. Valhalen

      Really? DK still is good on Hard Crusade? I never got him from Chests or Arena, but I use Iron Hoof as my tank for Hard Crusade, which is awesome since most teams have Commando, meaning his initial shield buff negates that annoying stun.

      1. Ezekiel

        Yes, it really helps with the “no regeration”. But i switch him with WC sometimes. I mean for the Hard Crusade i have 12-15 Heroes. The base is Commando, Chaplain and one tank (sometimes DM) rest comes in and out for getting energy up, for the hard teams, which i burst down with ultis. But most time i have DK in the team. Iron Hoof seems really good too for that, but i still not got him ;(. Got DM and FD first from Grand Arena. Now i’m going for 5 star CW :).

      2. Vertigel

        Buying the DK was the biggest mistake of my career back in that period. I wasted months to max him for the Crusade, and I ended up never using him not even once. Now my team is Cloud Walker, Death Mage, Chaplain, Commando, Mystic: I clear 15/15 hard Crusade without even a side team (even though sometimes I need to switch my Ninja Assassin with Commando, against other Ninja Assassin teams).

        At least DK is still useful in arena healer team and against Raged Blood, so it’s not a total waste. Don’t misunderstand, I used to hire DK everyday for months, before building my own team for Crusades: he is a great tank for this, I only mean that iif you can use your guildmate DK for Crusade, there’s no need to build your own at all.

  8. slicer74

    In the guild shop, will you place the Ninja Assassin first ? Before the Arcane Sapper ?
    Thanks for your work.

  9. Nikki

    Is there any way to get arena shop coin faster besides having a high arena ranking and redeem the coin every 9pm? I realised arena shop coin earning are super slow compared to crusade, guild, and grand arena shop :S

    1. Valhalen

      Sadly no. I don’t understand why Arena Coins takes a lot longer to get compared to Grand Arena. They should rework the system and give you coins per hour like in Grand Arena.

      1. Nikki

        Yeah agreed, it literally takes many many months just to get a hero to 5*(and I mean it as focusing on 1 hero alone > terribly slow and bad).

      2. Vertigel

        Actually, the slowest ones in the long way are the guild coins: even if you fight 5 times in temples (very difficult thing to do everyday), you still can’t earn more than 490 coin per day.

        Arena coins may look slow to earn, but if you manage to reach a good rank 1 minute before 9 pm you’ll get a huge boost to daily arena income (even though you get defeated one minute later). Around rank 100 you’ll earn 500-530 arena coins per day, which is more than enough to purchase a hero ss everyday.

        Grand Arena coins look easy, because the income is constant and not once per day. The income is way better than Arena (here, ranks around 100 get 34 coins per hour that means 816 coins per day), but don’t forget that many people will use those to purchase equipment instead of soul stones, and they are incredibly expensive. One good thing s that GA ranking can be used to calculate the amount of arena coins earned, so you have two chances to improve your rewards as 9 pm draws near.

        Crusade coins are obviously the easiest one to get, even though you need to build a good team for it, investing on heroes you won’t need for PvP. I strongly suggest to do it as soon as possible though, since Crusade rewards are the best way to build yourself up from mid to lategame (2400 crusade coins per day that grant you new heroes and gears, lots of money for skill upgrades, nice instant rewards for each stage won and the chance to get a whole new fantastic hero and a bunch of new ss, such as FD, CW or NA!).

        If you think about it, this system is made for the best players, but this way it increases the huge gap between the strongest one and the average ones, who falls even more behind for each day passed.

        1. Derek

          Actually guild coins aren’t too bad at all. If ur in a somewhat decent guild then u will get ur 5 temples so that’s 250 and then u have ur raids which u get 360 guild coins if you do 2 guild raids every day so that’s 610 guild coins. Much better than arena coins but of course not as good of a selections of heroes and gear. Except NA the rest are not must haves…

    1. Vertigel

      First of all, you need to join a guild. Then, there are two ways to get guild coins: the first is with daily quest, which earns you 240 coins if you fight at least twice in any guild raid.
      The second is a bit more tricky, and involves the participation of your teammates: during your game, you have a chance to find the “Ancient Temple”, a place where you can fight 3 PvE teams in order to get treasures. You can fight only once for each temple, but you can send invitations to your guildmates to help you in your temple: everytime a player wins a stage in a guildmate’s temple, he receives 50 guild coins (you won’t get them when you fight in your own temple). So, if your guildmate discovers a temple and invites you to fight in it, you can receive 50 extra coins for each victory (capped at 5 times, so the maximum is 250 coins).

    1. Mike

      Death Mage, in my opinion, is one of the best heroes you can have. Her Ultimate Skill regenerates her health and can be used multiple times at once, not to mention it causes a lot of damage. She silences other makes, and her first move when she enters the battlefield causes a lot of damage. I’ve used Death Mage as my front hero before since she regenerates health. I did have help from enchantress, who heals allies, but it still worked like a charm.

  10. Jake

    I don’t know why none of y’all are talking good about Hidden Needle. She’s the leader or second leader in damage done after every battles fight. She’s awesome in my opinion.

  11. Coe1998

    Emberblade is a fucking beast. Put him behind a great tank like iron hoof or war chief and he does some stupidly good damage. I have a couple diff teams I use for arena one being commando, old curse, emberblade, fallen dominion, and war chief and the other being shadowleaf, clou walker, emberblade, fallen dominion, and war chief. I’ve found myself using the second team alot more often what with intellect based teams and arcane sapper and all those fun things that murder old curse or sl silence avilty just being too good

  12. Derek

    Oh yes and commander is a beast. She does crazy insane damage. We have someone in our guild that has her and she is insane with damage. Especially around lvl89 5* orange

  13. Mike

    If you ask me, a lot of those heroes are out of place. For the most part you have the best heroes at the top of the lists, but this either needs to be updated or needs another look. Fallen Dominion is far better than cloud walker and death Mage, hidden needle should be one of the first heroes to buy Arcane Sapped is a waste of a team member and you put him before succubus? Dwarf Warrior may not be the best tank, but he’s a good general tank. Doesn’t deserve to be on the bottom of the list.


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