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Updated: 08/28/2015 added new picutres

The Summoner is a new Hero which is delayed at the moment, because the uCool development team is still testing him. He will be based on the Invoker a Hero from Dotarena, a Back Line Mage, who casts different types of spells using the power of Lightning, Ice and Fire. He will be complex and will have overall 11 Skills to level up! He will hopefully be implemented with patch 1.9 and be redeemable in the Soul Shop.

 How does he work?

The Summoner needs other magic Heroes which use the elements Ice, Fire and Lightning to work well and unleash his power.
If another team member, for example casts a fire spell like the Phoenix does, he will drop a fire ball on the ground, the Summoner will pick this one up and will save it. If 3 balls were dropped and the Summoner picked them all up, he will cast a spell that fits for this combination.
If the Summoner hits full Energy he will randomly cast 7 Elemental Balls above his head. They are total random there can be 3 Fire, 2 Ice and 2 Lightning Balls or even 4 Fire, 2 Ice, and 1 Lightning Ball. From that 7 Element Balls he will randomly pick 3 again and cast a spell with them.
The video below is a good example on how he works.

The Skills with Requirements

General Lightning Ice Fire
Book of Elements Electromagnetic Explosion
Ice Surgery
Sky Fire
Ghost Walk
Fire Elemental
Facial Surgery
Ice Wall
Chaos Meteorite

Book of Elements seems to be a passive skill which improves the damage of all spells.


I think the developers of uCool are busy to balance him and don’t make a complete copy of the Invoker from Dotarena. He is pretty random in some ways, but you can control him with a nice team combination of mages. You can pick Middle Line Intelligence Heroes for example who casts fire and ice spells, so the Summoner will pick up the balls faster and cast skills much faster.
I hope we will see the Summoner soon, he looks fun and has a complete different play style. I’m also excited about, if he will have the same spells or completely different ones.


Someone just send us new pictures of the Summoner from data hidden in the game. In 2 of these pictures the Summoner looks like a female? Maybe uCool is changing him to a female hero, because of copyright issues and similarity to Heroes of other games.

summoner_card summoner_thumb summoner1


What do you think about the maybe female Summoner? Please leave a comment!

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2 thoughts on “Summoner Spoiler

  1. Vertigel

    It so much remembers the DotA 2 Invoker, this time xD

    I have a wonder: assuming the Summoner works with heroes’ elemental skills, will Thermal Shock (the green skill of Old Curse, which deals double fire and ice damage) proc twice? It would be an OP combination, and even if you don’t have other elemental heroes (hardly IMHO), one second later OC goes with Flame Strike, dealing tons of damage and triggering Fire Elemental from Summoner!

    Hope they figured it out, cause it seems very creepy O.O


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