Legendary Skills

A complete list of all Legendary Skills / 5th Skills for all Heroes that are able to do thier Legendary Quests.
There are 26 Heroes with Legendary Skills at the moment, with every patch uCool unlocks new Legendary Quests and Skills for the different Heroes.
Legendary Quests are unlocked at level 90 and you can only do one Quest at a time.

1. Batch (01/19/2015): Admiral, Psychopath, Ice Mage, Wind Master and Brute.
2. Batch (03/06/2015): Savage One, Depths Voice, Mystic, Lightning Elemental and Emberstar.
3. Batch (05/26/2015): Light Bringer, Ice Spirit, Shallows Keeper, Bear Warrior, Swordmaster, Succubus and Imperial Executioner
4. Batch (11/18/2015): Professional Killer, Master Mage and Commander
5. Batch (12/21/2015): Rifleman, Drunken Master, Poisoned One, Cleric, Sniper and Stormlord


Legendary Skill List

Hero Legendary Skill Name Description
The Orginals Heroes with the medal can get HP enchantment.
Bear Warrior
Amplified Damage Each attack of Mayor Bar sears the enemy and opens the wound depper in them, causing subsequent attacks to deal increased damage. Each sear lasts 7 seconds and can be stacked up to 5 times.
The Axe Power Heroes with the medal can get Strengh enchantment.
Aura: Heroes of the Axe Gang will increases by 180 Strength.
Holy Seal Allies healed by Ryst’s Divine Light will get extra magic resistance.
Depths Voice
Phantom Dodge Dodges incoming attacks and then creates a phantom to help fight.
Drunken Master
Drunken Crit Increases Drunken Master’s physical crit.
Flame Cleave Eva’s normal attack deals extra burning damage.
Increases damage by 2160
Ice Mage
Ice Barrier Right before Ice Mage is killed, she can protect the weakest ally by an Ice Shield that absorbs max damage by 5670.
Ice Spirit
 Energy Leak Keld causes the silenced enemies to lose energy over time.
Imperial Executioner
Dark Curse Turns a target into an animal, steals his energy and reduces his magic resistance.
Light Bringer
Sacrifice Apollo does self-destruction and deals massive magic damage nearby when he reaches 10% of his max HP or gets killed.
Lightning Elemental
Electromagnetic Field After Lightning Elemental dies, he is causing enemies to lose 540 energy.
Master Mage
Sanctity Heroes with the medal  can get eytra 72 magic resistance.
Poisoned One
Enchanced Wings Flying allies increase the max HP.
Big Bang Bokka masters another mini skill that deals less damage but costs no energy.
Increases 1012 damage
Professional Killer
Ahriman Punchinello absorbs an enemy phantom, increasing armor and magic resistance.
Robotic Shield When casting the first or second skill, Prime gains a shield that can resist incoming damage.
Savage One
Naga Protection Heroes with the medal  can get Agility enhancement.
Shallow Keeper
Armored Shell Every time 15% of the max HP is taken, Shallows Keeper will create a thick shell that removes negative buffs temporarily and increases his armor.
Elegance Succubus uses her elegance to charm male heroes and reduces incoming damage from them.
Precise Strike Allies of Machinery machinery-type Type get bouns physical attack damage.
Swordsman Crit Heroes with the symbol  can get physical crit bouns.
Wind Master
Wind Hunt Heroes with the symbol  can get accuracy bouns.
Aura: Heroes in archery type get 24.6 accuracy bouns.

6 thoughts on “Legendary Skills

  1. Joe Dalton

    there still seems to be a bug with the imperial executioner’s final leg of the legendary quest. i have completed it 3 times with imperial executioner dealing the last hit damage to kill vengeance spirit, but the game will not recognize it. because of this, i am unable to start any other legendary quests.

  2. matt j

    do they keep their legendary items throughout promotion? say you start at orange and get them to their legendary item, when promoting to O+2 does the item stay or do you have to make a new one at O+2?

  3. Martian

    Legendary quest for Bear is not coming up, it always says your hero has great potential that can be unlocked in future…!!


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