How to beat Chapter 16/XVI (Elite)

In this Guide we will show you how to beat Chapter 16 on Elite mode. You can find a Guide to Chapter 15 Elite here.
The right timing in this chapter is very important, sometimes you need to safe your Ultimates until a certain point of the battle. All the recommended Heroes should be level 90 with their gear on orange status, this ensures that you have enough damage to burst down the waves.
We recommend you to watch the video down below for a better explanation for every stage and how to use the correct Heroes.

Stage 1

War Chief may will die in the first part, but that is nothing to worry about as long he does not die a second time.
In the second part you use the Ninja Assassins Ultimate to burst down the enemies, especially the ones in the Back Line. He will tank the damage with his lifesteal and the War Chief is able to heal up a bit.
In the last part don’t use your Ultimates all at once, you need to time them to crowd control the enemies.

Stage 2

Death Bringer is very good here, because he can silence single target enemies with his Ultimate. You will fight 3 single enemies here, so you can lock down any of them with the Death Bringer.

Stage 3

No real tank here is needed, Ninja Assassin and Death Mage will heal up against the damage, so you have enough damage to burst down the enemies.
Use the Ultimate of the Silencer in the right time, so that the enemies won’t cast any spell.

Stage 4

The Swordmaster and Cloud Walker will absorb a lot of initial damage here, together with the Ninja Assassin they do very good damage. Vengeance Spirit and Death Mage are very good for crowd control.

Stage 5

Ninja Assassin and Death Mage will tank the damage and will do very good burst damage. In the last part burst down the enemies with all your Ultimates.

Stage 6

Warchief and Cloud Walker are very good for tanking here. Vengence Spirit and Shadow Leaf are the crowd controlling Heroes in this setup.

Watch a video on how to beat Chapter 16 elite with this lineups by Rascalzor:

What setup do you use do beat Chapter 15 on Elite mode?
Please leave a comment or Contact us and we will add your setup!

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      Currently not, for the Pilot you could try another hero with great AoE damage and a crowd control effect. Maybe Vengeance Spirit or Lunar Guardian could work.


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