Heroes Charge Guides


A list of guides with strategies, tips and tricks for Heroes Charge. These Guides will help you in Heroes Charge to learn how the game works. With these Guides you may find something new, even if you are an advanced player. If you need more help at Heroes Charge, please feel free to contact me or if you have other ideas for helping guides do the same.


time-riftg Time Rift Guide

trials UPDATED (added new teams): Trials Guide

outland_portalg UPDATED: Outland Portal Guide

guild-raidg UPDATED (Raid 9 – Curses of Sarrus/Raid 10 – Backup from Quinnard): Guild Raid Guide

crusadeg Crusade Guide – How to beat the Crusade

arenag Arena Guide



11 thoughts on “Guides

      1. James V. Ogden

        Hi. Can u give me some advise abt light bringer. His position is back line but he has skill reflect damge and self destruction. It make me so confuse 😉

  1. Aukstuolis

    Hello what is best team for arena and for Grand arena thank you i am 65 lvl.
    What hero i should get or make more * ? Thank you

    Purple +1

    Desert lycan 4*
    Dwarf warrior 3*
    Queen of Curse 3*
    Commander 3*
    Commando 4*
    Ember Blade 1*
    Pheonix 4*
    Manipulator 3*
    Drunken master 3*
    Death Mage 2*
    War chief 2*
    Silencer 2*
    Light Bringer 2*
    Arcane Sapper 1*
    Chaplain 2*

    Machinist 2*
    Mystic 1*
    Old Curse 2*
    ShadowLeaf 1*
    Dungeon Keeper 1*

    BLUE +2

    Frost mage 2*
    Vanguard Warrior 1*
    Cleric 5*
    Bear Warrior 3*
    Poisoned One 3*
    Brute 3*
    Admiral 2*
    Savage One 2*
    Ice Mage 2*
    Ferryman 2*
    Shadow Shaman 2*
    Psychic sword 2*
    Enchantress 2*
    Rifleman 1*
    Nature Storm 1*
    Forest guardian 1*
    Psychopath 1*
    Tusked Storm 1*
    Crossed knight 1*
    Sniper 1*
    Emberstar 1*
    Lightning Master 1*
    Rose Fencer 1*
    Shallows Keeper 1*
    Depths Voice 2*
    Ghost Musician 2*


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