Arena Guide

Arena Guide

This is an overview of all available Heroes in the Game, which should help you which one to pick for the Arena fights. In this Arena Guide I wrote down the strenghts and weaknesses for every Hero in Heroes Charge. It also contains some general informations and combination possibilities for some Heroes.


Heroes Strenghts Weaknesses Informations Rating X/5
Lvl 0-52
Rating X/5
Lvl 52-71
Rating X/5
Lvl 72+
AoE-Stun, One of two female tanks (Admiral & Depths Voice) Squishy Tank, dies fast Not very good early game comparatively 2,5 2,5 4
Extremely well when he is offtank, heal over time and armor increase Not a solo tank, does not have any defensive skills and bad gear This hero is clearly built around his ultimate, which moves him to the backline and start playing plant vs zombies! 4 4 4
Arcane SapperAS Kills the back line very good Dies fast if no support Dodge hero with high DPS, can be countered with hard CC or high INT tank (Psychopath) 1 3 5
Bear WarriorBW Good dmg Dies fast, Ultimate misses alot Decent starting tank 3,5 3 3,5
BruteBRU Nice armor at beginning Good starting tank 4,5 3 2,5
ChaplainCHAP Healing, charm Nearly no damage Decent arcane sapper counter at high levels 1,5 1,5 2,5
ClericCLER Becomes the perfect off tank in the game with his legendary skill Not a good arena hero at the beginning but shines at the endgame. 1 1 2
Cloud WalkerCW Many illusions, One of the best ultimate’s in the game Annoying clones make ultimates and other skills go in wrong directions 4,5 5 4,5
CommandoCOM Haste, agility aura Low damage Most OP hero, needed for all 1-80 levels 4,5 4,5 5
Crossed Knight
Death BringerDEB  –  – Can swallow down an enemy illusion to make himself more powerful 4 4 4
Death KnightDK Shield; good for crusade Often dies before ulti Basically a crusade only hero unless in very beginning. Good in combination with Arcane Sapper. 3,5 2,5 2,5
Death MageDM Scales incredibly well with her orange gear Very squishy, even at full health Works well with Mystic and Frost Mage. 4,5 3 3
DeathgoreDG Too Slow Recently went from VIP 11 to redeemable by arena coins 4 3,5 3,5
Depths VoiceDV Crowd Control Good sapper counter at late levels. 2 3,5 3,5
Disease BringerDB Inferno tank and DoT Useless in early-mid game Like death mage, he is a beast in hard mode crusade and level 90 arena once you have enough tanks and healing around him. 4,5 4 4
Drunken MasterPA Blinds One of the best tanks at later levels. Huge HP Pool and works well with Arcane Sapper. 3,5 4,5 5
Dwarf Warrior
Ember BladeEB Is very strong against cloud walker teams Extremely solid all around character you can throw into any line-up 3,5 3,5 3,5
EmberstarES One of the best single target nukes Very fragile hero Decent early damage do-er, good single target damage. 4 2,5 2
Fallen DominionFD Can use his Ultime with half energy His magic resistance is low and he is countered by caster teams in arena. Huge sustained damage, an ultimate that turns him from melee to ranged, increases his attack power and makes him immune to crowd control effects. 5 4,5 4,5
FerrymanFERRY Many times Ultimates twice (as it is given when he dies) Gives enemy team a lot of energy Seems like a cool Hero, but very few if any people use in any stage of the game. Perhaps good in a certain scenario 4,5 3 3,5
Forest Guardian
Frost MageFM Reduce magic resist (4th skill), her ice armor keeps tanks alive Ultimate is lacking damage, is on the fragile side More towards support, good with Mystic and magic teams 2,5 3,5 3,5
Hidden NeedleHN 3,5 3,5 3,5
Ice Spirit
Ice MageIM Freezes sapper right after his first jump, gets insane energy regen at late 70 (not uncommon for her to ULT twice in arena) Great in magic only teams, otherwise as average as you can get 3 3 4
Imperial ExecutionerIE Crowd Control, high damage output very vulnerable to mirror images Very cool skill and powerful 3rd skill: Hex a.k.a. rubberducky 3,5 3,5 3,5
Iron HoofIH Can resist Commando, some of the best defensive stats His ultimate can be a double edged sword in arena fights however and put your own team in bad spots Incredible opening move blocking all of the opening damage and crowd control from the other team 4,5 4 4,5
Light Bringer
Lighting ElementalLE Crazy damage ultimate Usually dies before he can use his ultimate Nearly impossible to get off ultimate skill after level 53 3,5 2 1,5
Lightning MasterLM Too slow his damage skills simply don’t scale well with gear Average all the way unless in very beginning, one of the only heroes with no real role in end game 3,5 2,5 2,5
Lightning SpiritLS

Lunar GuardianLG

Good damage, interrupts Gives energy Essential for level 53-72; before and after that, she is merely good. 3,5 5 3,5
MachinistMACH Has the best nuke in the game which hits multiple times with extremely high damage Insane damage doer at late levels, good with Mystic 2 2,5 5
Master MageMM fireball- every attack is a magic attack, about 800dmg, eating tanks at low lvl fireball- every atack is a magic attack, about 800dmg, eating tanks at low lvl 3,5 3 3
MountainMOU Orange skill will result in a double tank team with ridiculously high magic resist/armor Strange note: Some server 1 player found a way to use him at level 80, good with Shallows Keeper 2,5 2,5 3,5
MysticMY Blind, magic aura, most useful support caster Ultimate has along charge Awesome in all magic teams, is used a lot now, and maybe can counter sapper. 2,5 4 5
NecromancerNEC Ultimate heal and make damage 2nd skill can make them avoid physical damage 4 3,5 3,5
Ninja AssassinNA High critical hits, self heal dominant in arena especially when backed by 4 healers 4,5 4,5 4,5
Old CurseOC Freeze,good dmg Gives enemy team alot of energy Insane damage, has freezing ultimate. Some complain of giving too much energy. At level 90 his AOE damage is not what it used to be in arena. 5 4,5 4,5
PhoenixPHO good ultimate damage dies too fast, no damage avoidance skills 4,5 3,5 3,5
PilotPT Fully physical damage skills + damage backrow Interesting hero, some swear by him, some say he is useless 3,5 3,5 4
Poisoned OnePO Highest damage DOT and an armor debuff Very weak average damage 3,5 3 3
Professional KillerPK Just takes too long to get his buffs stacked. Can do 1 on 5’s early game, gets interupted easily late game 4,5 2,5 3
Psychic SwordPS Kills back heroes fast, AoE armor reduction Ultimate is a suicide Counters Mystic based teams. 3 3 4
PsychopathPSY Sapper counter at 5* Sapper counter, good Tank 1,5 1,5 3,5
RiflemanRM Single target damage dies fast Really a raiding only hero. Some players run him in Arena to burst Arcane Sapper (risky play) 3,5 1,5 2
Savage OneSO Armor reduction Squishy Nice armor reduction; decent starter tank, he is behind both warchief and panda 4 4 3,5
Scorpion Queen
Shadow ShamanSSH Lowers enemy team armor Inconsistent with its casting in arena and rest of his skills just don’t have good synergy Funeral Skill can add extra HP to a wounded sapper or give the tank extra HP 2 3 3
ShadowleafSL silence,slow, damage aura Ultimate misses alot (especially if blinded) Has decent damage to single targets and to the whole enemy team, can silence, and at purple becomes nice because gives an attack buff. Works well with Shadowleaf and Lunar Guardian. 3 4,5 4,5
Shallow KeeperSK Stun, armor impair, high armor Slow, no good damage Insane magic resitance and armor, but low damage 2,5 4 4
SilencerSIL Silence, sap energy Awesome in all magic teams, is used a lot now, and maybe can counter sapper. 2,5 3,5 4,5
SniperSNI High single target damage Is very vulnerable to mirror images from cloud walker and depths voice legendary skill Pretty much only useful in specific setups 3 3 3
SoulhunterSH Tanky, with high magic resistance purple skill Underrated hero. His ultimate need timing which is bad for arena. Good with high damage caster like Succubus and Death Mage. 4 3,5 3,5
StormlordSLORD Good Damage no crowd control, no ultimate Works good in a magic team 3,5 3,5 3,5
SuccubusSUCCU High damage, dodgy, shines against arcane sapper Dies fast due to AoE Good at beginning; merely average after 5 3,5 3

SwordmasterSM Team HP regeneration Gives energy, Ult always misses 4 4 4
Turtle Fighter
Tusked StormTS His stun, unlike leave shadow’s frost arrow can interrupt even ultimates Bad magic resistance, weak against magic teams Gives nice attack buffs, Needs a legendary quest to shine in late game. Good with Warchief. 2,5 3 4
Vanguard WarriorVW Normal attacks hit small area, ultimate damage back row Enters the fight too late, one of the most expensive heroes to gaer up “If use VW with other tank, his tackle will be useless.
award of December of 2014
When entering fight, knocks back opposing AS if he has blinked into your team. Cloud Walker counter?”
2,5 2 2
Vengeance SpiritVS Energy drain, Crowd Control AoE gives energy Similar to Old Curse in role. Gets better with level due to GS. At 80+, it attacks 4 targets with almost full damage each, easily topping your team’s damage stats. Shadowleaf and Lunar Guardian work nice with her. 4 4,5 4,5
Wanderring SpearmanWS Self heal, attack speed Decent damage 2,5 4 3,5
War ChiefWC Life steal aura, resurrects Struggles against Drunken Master Claim to fame? Revives after purple. Works good with a physical team to increase lifesteal. 5 4,5 5
Warrior MonkWMONK Stuns his skills are all magic and not only they are vulnerable to silence Counter Arcane Sapper. Good with Old Curse. 3,5 3 3,5
Wind MasterWM Stun, pushback Only ultimate deals good dmg not popular past purple because her purple skill isnt strong. 4,5 3,5 3,5
Wizard Doctor

updated 06/22/2015 added Stormlord
updated 05/18/2015 added Ratings

49 thoughts on “Arena Guide

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  3. jirayaa1

    hi, as a comment sometimes i use vanguard to counter arcane sapper, after sapper blinks backline vanguard warrior kicks him back and stuns him. That really helps a lot to deal with arcane sapper.

    1. Hunter

      Unless you have enough AOE firepower to kill sapper while the front and mid line are dazed, the combined forces will kill your vanguard easily once out of daze… Vanguards have not stopped my sapper team with a physical front/mid line. =P

    1. Chandra Fincke

      Phoenix is my best hero – it does crazy damage and it has 3 lives basically when well protected. It can resurrect when it dies up to 3 times but normally uses this ability after its special attack which drains its own health. Definitely recommend. I have it at 4 stars and its awesome.

    1. furyox Post author

      Hi, she is very strong because she is one of the best support Heroes. Her Aura (Octavia inspires her allies, boosting their attack and movement speed by 25% and increasing attack and magic power.) is perfect for every team the more speed you have, the faster your Heroes generate energy, the more damage they can deal.
      Her 4th skill gives the team more agility which is also good for doging and heroes which use agility as their primary attribute.
      She also has an AoE magic damage ultimate and a single target stun.
      All her skills are useful in every situation of the game, PvP or PvE.

      1. Palash

        She is good in the earlier stages, but does not work well after 70(on 5*). Dies faster also I am on 79 and I do not prefer her much. Death Knight and War Lord are my first Tank.

  4. Charles M. Head

    Hi. Liked your guide, it helped alot.

    My current go-to team in order from back to front is Commando, Chaplain, Forest Guardian, Fallen Dominion, and Vanguard Warrior. I like it because Commando starts everything off with haste, FD runs up and starts swatting flies for a few seconds, his energy racks up quickly I noticed, he goes into ranged, drawing back tanks, and VW runs in to knock them back. Pretty trolly imo. But what I’m struggling with is a good healer. I have Chaplain’s ultimate maxed, but she barely moves, so her energy rises slowly. Any suggestions for a fast, reliable healer? Also, feel free to comment on my team. (I’m contemplating switching VW with Psychopath until I can get Cloud Walker, idk yet.)

    1. furyox Post author

      I personally don’t like to use Chaplain in Arena. Like you noticed, her engergy raises very slowly + she doesn’t do any damage. I would pick another damage dealer to kill the enemy team faster. You could take a Hero with a strong crowd control and good damage, like Old Curse or Depths Voice.

      1. Charles M. Head

        Hey, thanks for the fast reply. I’m actually 1 away from Old Curse right now, so that’ll be perfect, just gotta get them arena points, lol. As for the team, this is actually my main for all parts of the game. Everyone else is much lower leveled, but I’m working on that as well, been focusing on evening out the characters. Also, just got Commando to 4 star, I’ll be going for Death Knight as soon as I can. I switched Vanguard Warrior with Psychopath, it’s proven much more useful, thought it dies a little faster. All of my team are Blue +2.

        1. James

          DK is great for crusade, but not arena, Best arena tank is Drunken Panda, I use VM (Monk) due to the fact i dont have the panda yet. My arena set up is VM (Monk), Old Curse, Phoneix, Commando, Shadowleaf (love her ability at blue to cast silence, making opponents not able to cast most of their ultimate, and her purple ability that increases your whole teams physical damage.)

    2. KashSquad

      Try the Wizard Doctor, does decent damage with a crowd control and has area healing, Ultimate isnt half bad either, but i like him with commando

  5. file thirteen

    My 2c:

    – I don’t see what people see in War Chief, its damage is too low. Note that WC is especially poor in the crusade because it only resurrects once ever (not once per level)

    – Fallen Dominion, Cloud Warrior and Ember Blade make great tanks with their illusions

    – Vanguard Warrior is an underrated anti-tank character. Use only with a slow team, never with Commando, but pushes a fast enemy team back to the middle of the screen and stuns them. Then they’re grouped for its AOE bash damage to become effective. Particularly useful against Iron Hoof, Commando plus tanks (Death Knight etc), Arcane Sapper, and Cloud Warrior (because AOE bash chews through illusions). Sometimes four slow-moving mages can become a dominating team with VW

    – Phoenix’s ultimate can be double-edged because it bolsters enemy energy. However its damage sometimes makes up for that. Also, phoenix rebirth can win the day. This becomes stronger as enemy numbers are reduced

    – Shadowleaf’s ultimate is a good physical attack but only against targets with low armour. Useless against enemies with physical resistance/immunity

    – Succubus’s poison attack (non-ultimate) can inflict a lot of damage

    – Lightning Master’s one redeeming quality is that with his legendary he gets the highest magic power of all characters. Useful against enemies with high physical resistance

  6. Codee

    Really enjoying the game guys, im currently level 57 and have Brute maxed out and using him as my main tank atm but his rating for arena starts dropping around this lvl, so I have shallows keep also maxed but when I put him in over Brute I loose is there a specific reasoning for this ??

  7. Codee

    Your campaign keeps playing up! I defeat the crusade team but it wont let me get my chest and just keeps resetting at that same fight ..

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  9. Nikki

    Question: When you go into the ‘ranking’ area to check out people’s ranks, I realised many people have hidden hero setup in both arena and grand arena. How do you make your setup hidden? I don’t see any button anywhere to enable that.

  10. Lie

    very nice guide…
    im using war chief, death bringer, luna, comando dan shadowleaf for arena atm… im lvl 59?, and now rank around 80-150 in arena

    1. Michael Foley

      You have to use a physical team against the golden dragon. If you are facing an opponent with high magic resistance (as opposed to completely impervious to magic like the golden dragon) I’d recommend using Frost Mage. She is vital against that type of enemy.

  11. Jeanie Moore

    Well, everyone has their own favorites in this game-and all work well if you pair them supposedly!
    I hate trying to pair mine up-I usually just randomly chose the team from the ALL button–my lvl in the game is 89, but the highest lvl hero I have is only 84–the rest are below that!!! (I had NO idea how to play this game when I first started) Wasn’t aware of awesome stuff like this post–btw 🙂

    Anyway-my fav team is
    Pheonix, vanguard warrior, shadowleaf, ancient protector, old curse.

    I can take out most of the (since lvl 86) ancient temples with this team at 4 lvls above me!!!
    It is GREAT!!!!!

    Sometimes I take out old curse and substitute either succubus, ferryman or queen of curse–mostly no problems!!

    So, see, it’s just in how you play the game and the mindset you have—cause one of these days, I AM GONNA BE THE QUEEN BITCH OF HEROES CHARGE!!!!!

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!

    Mab > Server 82 > Bones’ Navy

  12. Jeanie Moore

    And to add further–I think that freaking Sword Master is awesome!! I just acquired him and I am working diligently to bring him up to par with my Ancient Protector–I’m hoping they turn out to be an awesome pair:)

  13. rexashwind

    hi ! i am lvl 92 rated 280 in arena, i use mostly admiral,fallen,executioner,ember blade and puppetter
    i have also found that there is a powerful synergy in puppetteer+ queen+lightbringer i think that maybe completed by cloudwalker and silencer (or shallow keeper and executioneer,other playstile )


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