Agility Heroes

Back Line Agility Heroes

COM Commando (Octavia)
Back line supporting marksman, who can give all teammates speed and attack bonus.

Role: Marksman/Support

Meteor Shower – Octavia summons a meteor shower to crush her foes nearby and deal magic damage.
Inspiration – Octavia inspires her allies, boosting their attack and movement speed by 25% and increasing attack and magic power.
Overdraw – Octavia embues one of her arrows, causing added damage and a dizzying effect.
Motivate – Octavia encourages her allies, giving the whole Team increased Agility.

PT Pilot (Rexus)
Back line damage dealer, who can effectively kill middle and back line enemies.

Role: Marksman

Firebomb – Rexus launches a firebomb behind enemy lines, causing widespread physical damage.
Hellfire Missile – Rexus launches a missile with powerful physical damage and stunning effects to back line enemies.
Air Strike – Rexus strafes enemy lines, causing widespread damage to all enemies.
AP Ammo – Rexus uses high potency missiles and increases his armor penetration.

PO Poisoned One (Rosandriil)
Back line physical damage dealer, who can deal poisoning damage over time.

Role: Mage

Acid Splash – Rosandrill spits out a gout of acid, damaging the enemy of highest HP over time.
Toxic Spit – Rosandrill spits out a blob of toxic venom, causing magic damage to enemies and corroding their armor over time.
Salve of Resistance – Rosandrill uses her own venom to create a barrier against magic damage.
Envenom – Rosandrill coats his weapons in venom, increasing his physical attack damage.

PS Psychic Sword (Mala)

Role: Assassin

Sacrifice – Mala bends reality, swapping places with an enemy and casts Kinetic Bolt if she has learned the Skill.
Kinetic Bolt – Mala fires an arrow made of magical energy at an enemy, dealing magic damage and making them dizzy.
Inspire Terror – Mala forces foes over a wide area to live their innermost fears, dealing magic damage and reducing their armor.
Rally – Mala inspires her allies, increasing their physical attack damage.

PK Professional Killer (Punchinello)

Role: Marksman

Dark Contract – Punchinello signs a demonic contract to fill his HP and increase his attack until the end of battle. (The skill can be stacked multiple times).
Blast Show – Fires a flaming arrow to deal bonus physical damage.
Poison Show – Punchinello increases his attack speed temporarily.
Embrace of Shadows – Punchinello hides in the dark then strikes without warning, increasing his critical chance.

RM Rifleman (Perrin)
Back line damage dealer, who has the most powerful weapons.

Role: Marksman

Laser Canon – Prime fires a dazzling laser, causing massive magic damage.
Stimulant – Prime sacrifices 20% of his HP to boost his attack damage and speed.
Open Fire – Prime keeps loading his weapons to give bonus damage.
Penetration -Prime’s bullet penetrates enemies’ armor and deals extra damage.

SL Shadowleaves (Reina)
Back line Agile Hero, whose Skills deal both single target and area damage.

Role: Marksman

Arrow Rain – Reina fires multiple arrows into the air in a high arc, damaging multiple enemies.
Icespark – One of Reina’s arrows is encased in a blade of ice, damaging and slowing her target.
Silence – Reina silences a group of foes, making them unable to use magic.
Forest Rage – Reina increases the attack power of the whole Team.

SNI Sniper (Perrin)
Back line Physical damage dealer, who has Sniper Skills toward single target.

Role: Marksman

Sniper – Perrin takes a shot at the weakest foe, dealing massive physical damage.
Stunning Show – A special round that causes physical damage and leaves the target reeling with dizzyness.
Fulminating Show – A magical, grenade-like projectile that deals magic damage to severale enemies.
Agility Boost – Perrin focuses his reserve energy, giving him an agility boost.


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