Intelligence Heroes

Back Line Intelligence Heroes

CHAP Chaplain (Rynn)
Back line Area Healing Hero, who can force an enemy to attack his allies.

Role: Support/Healer

Kindred – Rynn uses her mastery of natural forces to heal the whole team.
Pilum – Rynn tosses an enchanted javelin, dealing extra magic damage to the target.
Convert – Rynn converts an enemy to her side, making them attack their own allies.
Inviolability – Rynn charms enemies, reducing the physical the physical damage taken from their attacks.

DB Disease Bringer (Tannok T’uk’ran)

Role: Mage/Off-Tank

Hellfire Giant – Tannok calls forth a hellfire giant down from the sky, stunning nearby enemies and causing magic damage. The hellfire giant fights for Tannok until death or end of the battle.
Incantation – Tannok uses an incantation toward the weakest target, restoring HP if the target is an ally, or causing magic damage if the target is an enemy.
Fist of Flame – Tannok controls hellfire giant to bash and stun an enemy with a fist of flame.
Field of Flame – Tannok’s hellfire giant burns nerby enemies over time.

EN Enchantress (Sarla)
A Back line support Mage, who can heal allies and deal massive magic damage.
May 2015 Singin Hero.

Role: Mage/Support

enchantress-skill11Void Gate – Sarla teleports the enemy with most HP to another dimension, dealing magic damage to him.
Deals totally X damage over time
The higher the skill level the higher the hit rate you will get 100% if the target is under level X

enchantress-skill2Dark Agony – Sarla imposes dark curses on a random enemy, causing him to lose HP over time.
Deals totally X damage over time.

enchantress-skill3Magic Aid – Sarla transfers part of her HP to the weakest ally.
Gains X% of transferred HP.


enchantress-skill4Magic Territory – Reduces all enemies magic resistance.
Aura: Reduces all enemies’ magic resistance by X


LB Light Bringer (Apollo)
Back line Mage, who can disrupt enemies’ formation by the power of the sun.
May 2015 Singin Hero.

Role: Mage/Support


light-bringer-skill1Sun Wrath – Apollo calls forth the sunlight to burn enemies within the range, dealing magic damage and disrupting them.
Deals totally X damage over time.
The higher the Skill Level, the greater chance to interrupt enemies. You will get 100% chance if the target is under Level X.

light-bringer-skill2Solar Power – Apollo pours a sunbeam into a random ally and recovers his energy.
Restores X in energy totally.


light-bringer-skill3Rebound – When Apollo casts this skill, the damage he receives during the skill time will be partly reflected on the enemies.
Reflects X% of received damage.


light-bringer-skill4Return – Apollo gains the healers bonus energy when he receives certain healing skills.
Turns X% of recovered HP into energy.



LS Lightning Spirit (Derek)
March 2015 Signin Hero.

Role: Mage


lightning-spirit-skill1Lightning Incarnation – Lightning Spirit loses his physical form and shuttles through the battle field, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies, during which he is immunized against any control skills. Type: Lightning


lightning-spirit-skill2Lightning Remnant – Creates a lightning remnant and deals magic damage to nearby enemies when the remnant explodes. Type: Lightning


lightning-spirit-skill3Overload – Lightning Spirit becomes overloaded with electrical energy when he casts any of his skills, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies in his next attack.


lightning-spirit-skill4Electric Intellect – Lightning Spirit increases his own intellect. Passiv: Increases intellect by 129.



MA Manipulator (Monica)
The Manipulator the September 2015 Singin Hero is a Back line high intellect Mage, who is able to control the battlefield with her powerful magic abilities.

Role: Mage


manipulator-skill1Trance – Monica manipulates the battlefield by putting all enemies into a trance and deals magic damage to them. If an enemy cast any active skill during the trance, he will be stunned.

manipulator-skill2Mark of Fate – Monica marks an ally of the most HP and forces all enemies to attack him. The ally also gains armor bonus.


manipulator-skill3Magic Fury – Monica knocks back up to 3 enemies and deals magic damage to them.


manipulator-skill4Mysterious Aid – Monica increases the whole team’s magic crit by the mysterious aid.



MY Mystic (Korrick)

Role: Mage/Support

Shockwave – A chargeable attack that deals magic damage to all enemies in front of him, the longer the charge, the greater the damage. While charging, tap on the Hero’s icon, and you will be able to instantly end the charging and cast the spell.
Harmony – Korrick grants additional energy to one of his allies with most energy. This skill will not be cast on allies with full energy.
Blind – Korrick summons a powerful burst of light to deal magic damage and blind the target, reducing their physical attack accuracy.
Balance – Korrick uses his halo to increase magic power for the whole Team.
Legendary Skill – Sanctity
After completing the quest you gain a 5th skill. Heroes with the medal medal-M can get eytra 72 magic resistance.

queen-of-curse Queen of Curse (Rana)
The Queen of Curse is a Back line mage, who has the abilities of healing, controlling and cursing the enemies.
Ocotober 2015 sign in Hero.

Role: Mage/Support


queen-of-curse-skill1Life Swap – Rana transfers a random enemy’s HP to one of her weakest allies.
Transferred HP is X.
Increases healing by X.

Disruption – Rana uses her enchantment to disrupt enemy formation, exchanging the positions of two random enemies.
The higher the Skill level, the higher the hit rate. You will get 100% chance if the target is under X%.

Fatal Pulse – Rana reduces all enemies’ armor and magic resistance.
Reduces target’s armor by X.
Reduces target’s magic resistance by X.

Enchanting Bash – Rana’s normal attack has a chance to stun the enemy.
Stunning rate is X%.


SLORD Stormlord (Clark)
Back Line Mage, who can summon storms to control and kill enemies who try to approach his team. (February 2015 Magic Stone)

Role: Mage


Stormlord Skill 1Windstorm – Summons a small windstorm and throws enemies into air, dealing magic damage.


Stormlord Skill 2Vortex – Creates a vortex and heaves the nearest enemy, dealing magic damage.



Stormlord Skill 3Forked Lightning – Conjures forked lightning and attacks 3 random enemies, dealing magic damage.


Stormlord Skill 4Wind Arousal – Stormlord develops his arousal from wind and icreases his intellect. Passiv: increases intellect by 138


WM Wind Master (Sarra)
Back line Mage, who deals both Magic and Physical damage.

Role: Marksman

Gale Force – Sarra uses wind-enchanted arrows to deal magic damage and knock back enemies in front of her.
Concussion – A magic constraint that deals magic damage and a dizzying effect.
Hailstorm – Sarra fires off several arrows at her target in rapid succession.
Wind Dance – Sarra uses her wind-techniques to easily dodge and evade attacks.
Legendary Skill – Wind Hunt
Heroes with the symbol medal-WM can get accuracy bouns.
Aura: Heroes in archery type get 24.6 accuracy bouns.

WI Witch (Medea)
The Witch is a Back line supporting Mage, who can blind enemies and have a great ability to survive.
Released as magic stone hero in june 2015.

Role: Mage/Support


witch-skill1Evil Balls – Medea summons 3 evil balls and resists incoming damage for 3 times. Each ball deals magic damage to the attacker when exploding.
Increases X damage.


witch-skill2Sorcery Vortex – Medea creates a sorcery vortex and deals magic damage to enemies within a large area.
Increases X damage.


witch-skill3Witchcraft – Medea curses enemies, dealing magic damage and blinding them.
Increases x damage.
The hit rate of cursing increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level X or lower.

witch-skill4Witch Blessing – Medea is blessed and increases her own intellect.
Passive: increases intellect by X



WD Wizard Doctor (Vic)
Back Line supporting Mage, who can heal allies and curse enemies with his special witchcraft.
April 2015 Magic Stone Hero.

Role: Mage/Support/Healer

wizard-doctor-skill1Fatal Ward – Vic summons a fatal ward to attack enemies, dealing continuous magic damage.


wizard-doctor-skill2Mystic Healing – Vic focuses his witchcraft to heal nearby allies.



wizard-doctor-skill3Magic Elixir – Vic tosses magic elixir that bounces between enemies, stunning and dealing magic damage to those affected. (double damage on illusions)
Increases 84 damage
Stunning hit rate increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level 21 or lower.

wizard-doctor-skill4Ancient Curse – Vic targets a small area with an ancient curse. Cursed enemies will lose HP over time and takes 10% physical and magic damage bouns, lasting 8 seconds.

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