Agility Heroes

Agility Front Line Heroes

AS Arcane Sapper (Merjac)

Role: Assassin

Energy Void – Merjac blinks behind the enemy of most intellect and creates a powerful void caused by a lack of energy, causing AoE magic damage.
Energy Burn – Merjac blinks to the enemy of most intellect, and deals small area physical damage, burning the target’s energy.
Agile Blade – Merjac enhances his blade increases Agility.
Anti-Mage Shield – Merjac uses his understanding of anti-mage to increase his magic resistance.

BW Bear Warrior (Major Bär)

Role: Off-Tank/Fighter

Maul – A rushing charge attacking, dealing damage to all enmies in his way.
Shockwave – Mayor Bär strikes the ground with his claw, damaging all enemies nerby.
Ursine Focus – Mayor Bär summons the aspect of the bear, increasing his critical strike odds.
Spirit of Ursa – The spirit of the bear enhances Major Bär’s attack power.

CW Cloud Walker (Wu Kong)
Introduced with patch 1.5.

Role: Fighter

Phantom Stab – Wu Kong summons a phantom of himself and damages enemies ahead with multiple stabs.
Doppelganger – Wu Kong summons two of his doppelgangers to fight for him.
Frost Lance – Wu Kong throws a frost lance at a target, causing physical damage to it and slowing it down. A phantom is also created attacking the target.
Phantom Boost – Wu Kong increases the HP of his phantoms and his own.

ca Corrupted Angel (Terence)
The Corrupted Angel is a Middle line agile hero, who brings cruelty and carnage, sometimes even to his allies.
November 2015 Magic Stone Hero

flying-m Flying Hero

Role: Fighter


corrupted-angel-skill1Dark Territory – Terence reduces enemies’ attack accuracy and deals magic damage to them.
Increases X damage.
Blind hit rate increases with level, will definitely hit the enemies of level X or lower.

corrupted-angel-skill2Life Sacrifice – Terence sacrifices his own HP to increase the whole team’s physical attack damage for a period of time.
Increases the whole Team’s physical attack damage by X.

corrupted-angel-skill3Souls Exchange – Terence restores his own HP to the max, at the cost of some HP from a random ally. The ally will not die from this skill.
The cost HP equals % of restored HP.

corrupted-angel-skill4Rebirth – When Terence’s HP reaches zero, he steals allies’ HP and restores his own so that he can continue to fight for a period of time. (He dies when the time is over or when his HP reaches zero again.)
HP regenerate by X when reviving
Steals X in HP

DV Depths Voice (Talenta)

Role: Mage

Siren Song – Talenta uses an old Nedan sleeping song, focing her enemies into a deep sleep.
Blade Halo – A spinning blade causes physical damage to nearby foes.
Entrap – Talenta binds an enemy in her magical net and deals magic damage, trapping and disabling them.
Untochable – Talenta uses ancient Nedanese martial secrets to easily dodge incoming attacks.
Legendary Skill – Phantom Dodge
Dodges incoming attacks and then creates a phantom to help fight.
Mirror Image level 90

EB Ember Blade (Xun)
February 2015 signin Hero.

Role: Fighter


ember-blade-skill1Ember Remnant – Releases 3 fire remnants on the battle field, when Ember Blade is hit by critical strikes, the fire remnants will explode and Ember Blade will dash out the last remnant’s location.


ember-blade-skill2Flame Chains – Unleashes flame chains and locks two enemies nearby, dealing damage over time.


ember-blade-skill3Ember Blade – surrounds himself with a magic shield that burns enemies nearby and resists incoming magic damage.


ember-blade-skill4Blazing Blades – Ember Blade charges around, attacking all enemies while he cannot be attacked or damaged.


FD Fallen Dominion (Drees)
Introduced with patch 1.5.

Role: Fighter

Transform – When Drees has half energy of more , he is able to transform into a powerful demon with a ranged. The demon form consumes energy over time.
Mirror Image – Drees creates a copy of himself which deals damage.
Lifeforce Steal- Drees locks an enemy unit and steal lifeforce of them.
Devil’s Blood – Drees strengthens his body with devil’s blood, increasing his HP.

LE Lightning Elemental (Arrec)

Role: Off-Tank/Mage

Charged Sphere – Releases a sphere of charged satic electricity, causing wide-ranging magic damage to enemeis.
Lightning Strike – Summons a powerful storm cloud to strike an enemy and cause multiple magic damage.
Energy Drain – Steals an enemy’s physical attack power until the battle ends.
Static field – Arrec uses energy around him to increase magic resistance.

NA Ninja Assassin (Hanzo)
Middle Line Agility Hero, February 2015 Magic Stone Hero.

Role: Assassin



Ninja Strike – Teleports to the farthest enemy and deals melee damage, in creasing attack speed and attack damage bouns. The first hit definitely deals critical damage.


ninja-assassin-skill2Fatal Dagger – Hurls multiple daggers and deals huge amounts of physical damage. This skill shares Ninja Assassin’s 4th skill’s critical effect.


ninja-assassin-skill3Blur – Becomes hard to see by blurring his body and increasing dodge rate. Each successful dodge gains him extra energy.


ninja-assassin-skill4Coup of Grace – Ninja Assassin refines his critical skills and increase critical strike damage


SM Swordmaster (Lokkan)
Redeemable in the Soul Shop.

Role: Fighter

Dagger Dance – Rapid-strike attacks against multiple enemies, Lokkan moves so fast that he cannot be hit.
Each attack increases damage by 1404.
Fearless Charge – Lokkan charge into battle, causing physical damage to nearby enemies and resisting all magic damage.
Each attack increases 702 damage.
Protector – Lokkan places a healing ward to refill the Team’s HP.
Each teammate restores 2496 HP in total.
Surgical Strike – Lokkan hits his enemies in the vital organs, increasing his Agility.
Passiv: increases agility by 234

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