Strength Heroes

Strength Front Line Heroes

ADM Admiral (Carin)

Role: Tank

Ancient Sails – Carin summons a ghostship that strikes targets, causing magic damage and stun on crash.
Waterspout – A jet of water knocks an enemy into the air, dealing damage.
Tsunami Pierce – The sea itself fortifies Carin’s attack, damaging enemies over a small area.
Elder Strength – Carin’s years of seafaring have made her strong.
Legendary Skill – The Orginals
After completing the quest you gain a 5th skill. Heroes with the medal  can get HP enchantment.

BRU Brute (Urtock)

Role: Off-Tank

Axe of Elimination – Urtock strikes without mercy: Those near death (<30% HP) suffer massive physical damage, if enemy is skilled by this, Urtock receives extra energy bouns.
Bloodcurse – Urtock curses his oppents, causing them to lose HP over a period of time.
Cleaving Attack – A powerful attack that deals physical damage to all nerby foes.
Dark Resistance – Urtock’s connection to Kreln blood-magic enhances his armor.

CLER Cleric (Rhys)
Front Line Healing Hero, who has the ability to resist all kinds of damage.

Role: Tank/Support/Healer

Armor of Spirit – Ryst calls down divine power to protect his allies form physical harm.
Divine Light – Ryst uses the power of his gods to heal his weakest ally.
Counter Curse – Ryst dispels damaging spells and temporarily makes his ally absorb magic damage.
Blessing – With the blessing of this gods, Ryst reduces physical damage his allies take.

CR Commander (Tracy)
Front Line Tank, April 2015 Magic Stone Hero.

Role: Tank


commander-skill1Execution – Lunches a target into the air and causes consecutive attacks to him. If the target dies during the execution, Tracy will greatly increase her attack damage.



commander-skill2Overwhelming – Fires flaming arrows against enemies ahead, dealing damage and granting all allies bouns attack and movement speed according to the number of enemies hit by the arrows.
Type: fire


Bravery – Increases a weak allied hero’s health regeneration and life steal rating.
Accumulated heal amounts to 1024.
Increases life steal rate by 10.5.


commander-skill4Courageous Charge – Each time Tracy receives 10 attacks, she charges into enemies and knocks them back, dealing damage based on the number of attacks she has received.


CK Crossed Knight (Arthur)
The Crossed Knight Arthur, is a Front Line Tank, who has a control skill and great surviving abilities.
July 2015 Signin Hero.

Role: Tank


Crossed-Knight-skill1Shielded – Arthur prodects himself with his shield and reduces incoming damage.
Reduces incoming damage by X%.


Crossed-Knight-skill2Bash – Arthur Hurls his shield to the enemy of highest attack power, damaging and stunning him.
Increases X damage.
Stunning hit rate increases with level, will definitly hit enemies of level X or lower.

Crossed-Knight-skill3Battle Shout – Arthur shouts and taunts his nearby enemies, making them attack Arthur.
Armor +X
Taunting hit rate increases with level, will definitly hit enemies of level X or lower.

Crossed-Knight-skill4Absolute Defense – Arthur goes in absolute defense mode, receiving reduced incoming damage. But his attack damage is weakened.
Reduces incoming damage by X%.


DEB Death Bringer (Lucas)
Front Line Tank, March 2015 Magic Stone Hero.

Role: Tank


death-bringer_skill1Termination – Lucas consumes his energy over time to damage and disable an enemy from casting any active skills. (This does not apply to some monsters in Guild Raid Instances or Outland Portal.


death-bringer_skill2Flaming Land – Lucas burngs the nearby land he walks on, dealing area magic damage.



Destruction – Lucas terrifies a target and deals magic damage. The damage will be doubled if the number of allied units exceeds or equals the number of enemies on the  battlefield. (This does not include summoned units or illusions)


death-bringer_skill4Devour – Lucas swallows an enemy illusion or a summoned unit to increase his power for a short period of time. If it is a strength unit, Lucas will increase armor. If it is an agile unit, Lucas will increase dodge rate. If it is an intellect unit, Lucas will increase attack speed and movment speed.

DG Deathgore (Braktusk)

Role: Tank

Bristle-back – Braktusk covers his back in spines, causing him to take reduced damage.
Nasal Goo – Braktusk covers a target in snot, causing it to have reduced armor.
Quill Spray – On receiving a certain amount of damage from rear, Braktusk automatically releases a quill spray dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.
Warpath – Braktusk works himself into a rage and gives damage bouns.

DK Death Knight (Lig)

Role: Tank/Healer

Agile Recovery – Lig creates a magical shield, absorbing damage and truning it into HP.
Death Coil – Launches toward the weakest target in range, causing magic damage if the target is an enemy, or restoring HP if the target is an ally.
Ward – Protects Lig’s weakest ally with a shield of dark energy, will eventually explode, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.
Frozen Barrier – A protective ward that shields allies form magic damage.

PA Drunken Master (Lien)

Role: Tank

Concussive Blow – Lien strikes down his enemies, causing a series of physical damage.
Drunken Haze – Lien splashes his enemies with potent magical wine, causing magice damage and making them drunk and clumsy. It thus reduces their physical attack accuracy and dodge rate.
Shaking Strike – Lien stomps down into a group of enemies, causing physical damage and leaving them dizzy.
Elemental Forces – Lies focuses inward, giving him more strenght.

dke Dungeon Keeper (Pargetter)
The Dungeon Keeper is Front line Tank and the November 2015 Signin Hero, who likes to hook and damage enemies with his chain.

Role: Tank

dungeon-keeper-skill1Fatal Hook – Pargetter launches his hook and drags the victim back to himself, dealing physical damage. Tap on the skill icon again to drag the current victim. If the battle is in auto-fight, the hook will drag the frist victim it encounters.
Deals X damage
The higher the Skill level, the higher the hit rate.
You will get 100% chance if the target is under Level X.

dungeon-keeper-skill2Iron Chain – Pargetter releases an iron chain and stuns the nearest enemy, dealing physical damage.
Increases X damage
Stunning hit rate increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level X or lower

dungeon-keeper-skill3Force of Shield – Pargetter creates a shield for himself, absorbing incoming damage.
Absorbs up to X (1080 at level 1) damage


dungeon-keeper-skill4Decay – Increases magic resistance for the whole team.
Aura: increases X magic resistance for the whole Team.


DW Dwarf Warrior (Keane)
The Dwarf Warrior Keane, is a Front Line Tank, who can charge forward and stun enemies, with abilities of regeneration.
His main attribute is Strength and he is an axe type Hero. axe-gang
He is available as the June signin Hero.

Role: Tank

dwarf-warrior-skill-1Fatal Axe – Keane swings his Axe and strikes an enemy, dealing massive damage but receiving reflected damage as well.
Increases X damage.
Refelects X% damage on Keane
dwarf-warrior-skill-2Furious Charge – Keane charges torwards and stuns them for 4 seconds, after which Keane increases his physical armor and magic resistance.
dwarf-warrior-skill-3Get Drunk – Keane gets drunk and randomly receives one of the following boosts: HP recovery, energy recovery, attack bonus or armor enhancement.
Increases healing by X
Restores X energy in totally.
Damage +X
Armor +X
dwarf-warrior-skill-4Elder Strength – Keane receives strength boost by the dwarf’s combative skills.
Passive: increases X strength


MOU Mountain (Aetna)

Role: Tank

Throw – Aetna grabs an enemy and tosses them at a location. Upon landing, the enemy deals magic damage in an area.
Caber – Aetna uproots a tree, giving him better range and damage.
Rockslide – Aetna causes rocks to rain down on an area, dealing magic damage and stunning foes.
Stoneskin – Aetna’s granite skin protects him from damage and greatly enhances his armor.

griffin Griffin (Parker)
The Griffin is a Front line flying Hero, with powerful AoE damage and control skills.
October 2015 Magic Stone Hero.
flying-m Flying Hero

Role: Off-Tank


Army of Birds – Parker summons an army of birds flying across the enemies, dealing massive AoE damage.
Increases X damage.

griffin-skill2Eggs – Parker lays several eggs to hit random enemies. If it is an ice egg, it freezes the enemy. If it is a fire egg, it deals damage.
Increases X damage.
Freezing hit rate increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level X or lower.

Wings Sweep – Parker sweeps the enemies ahead, dealing damage and knocking them back.
Increases X damage.
The hit rate of knocking back increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level X or lower.

Hover – Increases Parker’s dodge rate.
Passive: Increases dodge rate by X.


SO Savage One (Barrand)

Role: Tank

Smash and Grab – Barrand slams the ground, causing magic damage and stunning foes in a moderate area.
Arc Swing – A powerful attack that causes physical damage to nearby foes.
Corrosion – Barrand marks an enemy and weakens the armor of the target for a period of time.
Elder Strength – Barrand increases his own strength.
Legendary Skill –  Naga Protection
Heroes with the medal  can get Agility enchantment.
Aura: Increases 180 Agility for Heroes in Naga Race.

SK Shallow Keeper (Moray)
Front line Strength Tank, who has hardened armor and Crowd-Control Skills.

Role: Tank

Shallows Keeper – Moray summons the fury of a sea-storm to throw his enemies into the air, stunning them.
Tidal Force – Moray summons a mighty wave that weakens an enemy’s amor for a period of time.
Anchors Aweigh – Moray swings a ship’s anchor around, causing physical damage to any foes nearby.
Shield of the Deep – Moray summons tidal forces to resist damage and bolster his armor.


TF Turtle Fighter (Johnson)
The Turtle Fighter Johnson, is a Front Line Tank, who has a control skill, as well as defensive abilities.

His main attribute is Strength.
He is available as the July Magic Stone Hero.

Role: Tank


turtle-fighter-skill1Raging Taunt – Johnson taunts a random enemy, disables him from casting skills and forces him to attack Johnson at all costs. The target’s armor will be reduced.


turtle-fighter-skill2Rolling Stampede – Johnson rolls and stampedes into the enemies formation, damaging and stunning them. Johnson cannot be attacked or harmed while rolling.


turtle-fighter-skill3Return – Johnson turns into defensive mode, increases physical armor and returns a certain amount of incoming physical damage.
Armor +X
Reflects X% of received damage.

turtle-fighter-skill4Intruder – Enemies hit by Turtle Fighter’s 2nd skill will be blinded for a period of time.
Blind hit rate increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level X or lower.



VW Vanguard Warrior (Barret)
Introduced with patch 1.5 (Dec Signin Hero).

Role: Off-Tank

Phase Bash – Barret moves himself to the farhest enmey, performing 3 bash hits in a row
Charge of Valor – Upon the start of the battle, Barret starts charging towards the battle center. Any enemy that comes into contact during the charge will be bashed and damaged.
Heavier Bash – Barret stuns a target and deals additional damage.
Concentration – Barret concentrates his mind on enemies, increasing his attack accuracy.

WC War Chief (Garl)
Front line Strength Tank, who deals great attack damage and has the ability to revive after purple Promotion.

Role: Tank

Hammer Throw – Garl throws a hammer at a target, causing magic damage and stunning them.
Power Swing – A mightly cut that results in massive physical damage.
Kreln Bloodcall – Grant a life stealing ability to the whole Team.
Rage – Garl flies into a furious rage and will revive in 3 seconds after his first death.

WMONK Warrior Monk (Kenrick)

Role: Tank

Earthshatter – Kenrick cracks and tears the earth’s surface dealing magic damage and stunning his foes.
Broadswing – Kenrick strikes with a broad sweep, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies.
Quake – Kenricks strikes the earth, causing magic damage and stunning enemies nearby.
Elder Strength – The tauren strengthen their physique, sharply in creasing  strenght.

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