Agility Heroes

Middle Line Agility Heroes

DL Desert Lycan (Bane)
The Desert Lycan the September 2015 Magic Stone Hero is a Middle line agile Hero, who can deal massive damage to an enemy tank.

Role: Fighter


Desert-Lycan-skill1Auncel – Bane summons an auncel and deals damage to the enemy of most HP. The amount of damage is based on the missing HP of Bane.
Damage dealt equals X% of Bane’s missing HP.

Desert-Lycan-skill2Holy Snake – Bane releases a holy snake to attack the enemies nearby, dealing physical damage.
Holy Snake’s level is X.

Desert-Lycan-skill3Finger of Death – Bane deals magic damage to the enemy of least HP. If the enemy dies, Bane deals bonus damage next time he casts this skill.
Deals X basic damage.
Deals X bonus damage.

Desert-Lycan-skill4God of Desert – Bane increases his max HP by the force of the Desert God.
Passiv: increases HP by X.


LG Lunar Guardian (Loreth)
Middle physical damage dealer, representative of the moon, attacks multiple targets with her sharp weapon.

Role: Marksman/Support

Lunar Barrage – Summons the power of Boaz, striking random enemies with beams of powerful lunar energy and dealing magic damage.
Lunar Judgment – Summons the power of Jachin, striking a target with lunar rays and dealing magic damage.
Moonblade – Loreth throws a lunar blade that bounces around between enemies and causes more physical damage, losing a small amount of power with each bounce.
Chosen of Boaz – Loreth grants the lunar blessing on her allies, increasing their physical attack damage.

HN Hidden Needle (Quimulan)
Middle line assassin Hero, released third week of 2015.

Role: Assassin


hiddenneedle-skill1Insidious – Quimulan assassinates a target with holy damage and also deals splash damage near the target.


hiddenneedle-skill2Refraction – Each time Quimulan kills an enemy, she gians 5 refraction charges, each of which absorbs one incoming attack and recovers 80 energy. The refraction also blocks all control skills.


hiddenneedle-skill3Psionic Magic – Quimulan creates a psionic trap on ground and controls enemies within to disable them from moving, dodging and attacking. (The higher the Skill level, the higher the hit rate. You will get 100% chance if the target is under Level 21.


hiddenneedle-skill4Spectral Blade – Using her psionic powers, Quimulan deals holy damage to her target and causes enemies behind the target to feel the same pain as the target itself.


FERRY Ferryman (Shalandar)

Role: Mage

Tortured Spirits – Shalandar releases hungry ghosts that deal magic damage over a broad area. This skill will also be triggered automatically upon Shalandar’s death.
Shades – A vengeful shade deals magic damage over small, moderate and ranged areas.
Mastery of Death – Ferryman increases his attack damage every time Hero dies. The effect of Skill Shades will also be increased.
Haunting of Dark Lord – Ferryman terrifies all enemies nearby and greatly reduces their attack damage.

 Ninja Assassin (Hanzo)

Role: Assassin

Ninja Strike – Teleports to the farthest enemy and deals melee damage, increasing attack speed and attackt damage bouns. The first hit definitely deals critical damage.
Fatal Dagger – Hurls multiple daggers and deals huge amounts of physical damage. This skill shares Ninja Assassin’s 4th skill’s critical effect.
Blur – Becomes Hard to see by blurring his body and increasing dodge rate. Each successful dodge gains him extra energy.
Coup of Grace – Ninja Assassin refines his critical skills and increase critical strike damage.
Passiv: Increases 82% critical damage.

RF Rose Fencer (Anthony)
The Rose Fencer was the December 2015 Signin Hero, a Middle line agile fencer, who possesses the charm to control female heroes.

Role: Fighter


rose-fencer-skill1Rose Lover – Anthony charms his enemies and disables them from battling for a period of time. And the time will be longer if the enemy is a female hero.
Increases X damage
The higher the Skill level, the higher the hit rate. You will get 100% chance if the target is under Level X.

rose-fencer-skill2Magic Touch – Anthony steals energy from a random enemy. If the enemy is a female, Anthony will steal more energy from her.
Causes the target to love X energy

rose-fencer-skill3Rose Print – Anthony grants himself a rose print, transferring next incoming damage to a random enemy.
Damage increases by X

rose-fencer-skill4Rose Protection – Anthony charms female heroes and reduces incoming damage from them.
Reduces damage from female heroes by X%


TS Tusked Storm (Sla’thrush)

Role: Fighter

Battle Focus – Sla’thrush inspires his allies, boosting their attack and movement speed by 25% and increasing attack and magic power.
Whirlwind Axe – Sla’thrush tosses 3 whriling axes and deals physical damage to enemies ahead of him.
Axe Skill – Sla’thrush uses his throwing axes as melee weapons to cause massive physical damage.
Battle Fever – Sla’thrush’s battle fever gives him bouns attack speed.

VS Vengeance Spirit (Nasira)

Role: Mage

Petrify – Nasira petrifies a group of enemies over a moderate area and deals magic damage.
Split Arrow – Nasira delivers physical damage to 4 enemies but reduces half of the original damage. (The higher the skill level, the less damage it reduces from the original damage).
Theft of Essence – Nasira summons a snale and steals energy from many enemies, increasing her own.
Anti-Mage Shield – A magical barrier that increases Nasira’s HP.

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