Intelligence Heroes

Middle Line Intelligence Heroes

DM Death Mage (Rasha)
Middle line Mage, who has mastery of dark magic and abilities of regeneration.

Role: Mage

Summon Wraiths – Rasha calls forth a group of angry wraiths to cause damage and steal the lifeforce of her enemies for her.
Swarm of Bats – Rasha summons a swarm of bats and deals magic damage to enemies in front of her.
Silence – Rasha silences a wide area of enemies and disables their spells casting.
Sinister Aspect – Rasha embraces her diabolical nature, increasing her own magic power.

ES Emberstar (Eva)
Central line Mage, who has magic Skills that deal huge damage instantly.

Role: Mage

Emberstorm – Eva calls down elemental magic to damage one of her enemies.
The Crucible – Eva summons a blast of flames, causing magic damage to enemies in a wide range before her.
Caldera of Ash – A circle of flames rises around a random enemy, causing magic damage and stunning the target.
Phoenix Feather – Eva’s mastery of ember increases her energy every time she attacks.
Legendary Skill – Flame Cleave
Eva’s normal attack deals extra burning damage.
Increases damage by 2160

FG Forest Guardian (Laquer)
Middle Line Mage, who can deal huge magic damage to enemies coming close.
April 2015 signin Hero.

Role: Mage

forest-guardian-skill1Pulse Nova – Summons a Pulse Nova every second to continuously damage nearby enemies.
Increases 110 damage
Type: fire

forest-guardian-skill2Lightning Storm – Calls a lightning storm that jumps and hits nearby enemies.
Increases 77 damage
Type: lightning

forest-guardian-skill3Diabolic Blast – Saturates the area with magic, causing random explosive damage to nearby enemies.
Each attack increasese 100 damage.
Type: fire

forest-guardian-skill4Split Earth – Splits the earth under enemies’ feet. Deals damage and stuns for a short duration.
Increases 315 damage
Stunning hit rate increasese with Level, will definitely hit enemies of level 45 or lower

FM Frost Mage (Helga)
Middle line supporting Mage, who can deal area magic damage.

Role: Mage/Support

Ice Halo – A ring of icy frost is brought to bear against Helga’s targets, it bounces between them, dealing additional magic damage.
Force Blast – A target zone is struck with a powerful blast of supercooled air, causing magic damage over a small area.
Bag of Holding – Helga summons frost armor for her weakest ally, enhancing their armor value for a period of time.
Terrible Presense – Helga terrifies all her enemies, reducing their magic resistance.

IM Ice Mage (Artonia)
Middle line support Mage,who has Control Skill and deals huge amounts of damage.

Role: Mage

Hunting the Maiden – A powerful elemental storm comes down, causing widespread magic damage over time.
Cocoon of Ice – Artonia freezes a target in place, causing magic damage and stunning them.
Ice Prison – A blast of ice slows enemies within an area and deals magic damage.
Sigil of Arctus – Using this ancient ward, Artonia and her allies slowly recover their energy.
Legendary Skill – Ice Barrier
After completing the quest you gain a 5th skill. Right before Ice Mage is killed, she can protect the weakest ally by an Ice Shield that absorbs max damage by 5670.

IS Ice Spirit (Keld)
Middle line supporting Mage, who can control and silence enemies by the force of ice.
May 2015 Magic Stone Hero.

Role: Mage


ice-spirit-skill1Cold Shield – Keld protects all allies with a cold shield, resisting magic damage.
Absorbs X magic damage.


ice-spirit-skill2Disarm – Keld freezes and stuns an enemy target, dealing magic damage.
Increases X damage.
Disarm hit rate increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level X or lower.


ice-spirit-skill3Mute – Keld silences the enemies who have dealt magic damage to him during the frist 15 seconds of the battle.
Silence hit rate increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level X or lower.


ice-spirit-skill4Last Words – Keld silences all enemies upon his death.
Silence hit rate increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level X or lower.


IE Imperial Executioner (Lodot)
Middle line support Mage, who has Control Skills and deals huge amounts of damage with his Ultimate Skill.

Role: Mage

Smite – A blaze of energy strikes a target, dealing massive magical damage.
Thron – Lodot summons a thorn that knocks the victim into the sky, dealing a small amount of collateral magic damage.
Power Strike – A powerful magic against a single target and turns it into an animal.
Uncanny Edge – Lodot makes a pact with demonic forces to increase his Magic Crit.

LM Lightning Master (DeTheta)
Central Line mage, who has lightning Skills dealing area damage.

Role: Mage

Lightning Bolt – A rolling thunder causes magic damage to all enemies.
Conductivity – DeTheta uses his magic lightning power to beat many of his foes at once.
Overload – DeTheta selects a single target, striking them with a lightning bolt for massive damage.
Electrostatic field – DeTheta’s power increases, giving him a bonus to magic power.

MACH Machinist (Lirune)
Middle line Mage, whose skills deal large amount of damage instantly.

Role: Mage

Overcharge – Lirune over-charges his weaponry capicitors, causing this machine to unleash a barrage of attacks and deal AoE damage.
Charged Shot – Lirune fires a magical beam weapon to damage and blind his target and reduce target’s physical attack accuracy.
Seeker – A missile that seeks out a random target and explodes, dealing magic damage over a small radius.
The Red Button – Lirune presses the red button, greatly inreasing his attack and casting speed.

MM Master Mage (Fiera)
Middle line Mage, who is trained to kill non-Mage Heroes.

Role: Mage

Sunsphere – Fiera releases powerful magic among her foes, damaging those who rely on their strength and agility.
Fireball – Fiera attacks a foe with a ball of raw magical energy and deals massive magic damage.
Black Mark – Fiera chooses a random enemy to exile from the battle for a period of time.
Third Eye – Fiera pulls energy out of space, expanding her intellect.

NEC Necromancer (Salar)
Middle line Mage, who deals area magic damage with this Skills. The Ultimate Skill steals HP from the enemy.

Role: Mage

Vampiric Strike – Salar locks and steals the target’s HP.
Kreln Shout – A powerful attack of soul-energy, causing magic damage over a moderate area.
Exile – Salar exiles an enemy and make him unable to deal or take physical damage. But the target will get extra damage from magic and spells.
Sacred Sigil – Salar uses a mystic sigil which resists enemy magic and increases the magic resistance of all allies.

NY Nymph of Sea (Selith)
The Nymph of Sea Selith is a Middle line Mage, who has powerful control skills, as well as survival abilities.
Available as the August 2015 Magic Stone Hero.

Role: Mage


nymph-of-sea-skill1Water Bubble – Selith traps a random enemy in a water bubble and causes him to lose HP over time, during which the enemy cannot cast any skills.
Deals totally X damage over time

nymph-of-sea-skill2Energy Flare – Selith throws a water ball to a random enemy and deals magic damage. If the enemy cast ultimate skill, the water ball explodes and causes extra damage to him.
Damage equals X% of consumed energy.

nymph-of-sea-skill3Enchanted Wave – Selith summons an enchanted wave and knocks enemies into the air, dealing magic damage and reducing their magic resistance.
Increases x damage
Reduces target’s magic resistance by X.
The rate of hitting enemies into air increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level X or lower

nymph-of-sea-skill4Life Drain- Selith regenerates her HP while dealing magic damage.
Regenerates X% HP.


OC Old Curse (Pallathion)
Middle line Mage, who can deal massive area damage with his two heads.

Role: Mage

Chilling Wave – Pallathion blasts out a wave of super-chilled air that freezes enemies before him.
Thermal Shock – A blast of ice and fire in unison deals magic damage to enemies twice.
Flame Strike – A blast of fire that can deal magic damage and burn enemies over a period of time.
Magma – A gout of liquid fire that causes magic damage to enemies, spreading out on contact with the ground.

SQ Scorpion Queen (Alisa)
The Scorpion Queen Alisa is a Middle line Mage, who deals massive AoE damage and has high magic resistance.
She is available as the July 2015 Magic Stone Hero.

Role: Mage


scorpion-queen-skill1Telson Strike – Alisa strike the nearest enemy with her telson, dealing magic damage and stunning him. If the enemy dies, it will cause extra AoE damage.
Increase X damage.
Stunning hit rate increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of leve X or lower.

scorpion-queen-skill2Toxic Smog – Alisa curls up and releases toxic smog, dealing AoE magic damage to nearby enemies, during which she receives reduced physical damage.
Deals totally X damage or time
Reduces incoming damage by X%

scorpion-queen-skill3Venom – Each time Alisa receives a certain amount of damage, she spits out venom to slow down nearby enemies and dealing magic damage to them.
Increases X damage

scorpion-queen-skill4Resistant Skin – Alisa’s body is covered with poison, granting increased resistance to magic damage.
Increases X magic damage

SIL Silencer (Saif)

Role: Mage

Strategist – Saif silences all enemies’ magic skills so that they can only deal physical damage. Silence – Silences an enemy, preventing them from using skills accompanied with magic damage.
Befuddle – Saif befuddles enemies over an area to deal magic damage and make them lose energy.
Searing Aura – Saif’s normal attack deals extra holy damage to an enemy.

SUCCU Succubus (Tala)
Middle line Mage, who can deal large amount of area damage with her mighty Skills.

Role: Mage

Soulshout – Tala shouts across the ethereal plane, causing magic damage to all enemies.
Venomdar – Tala throws a blade covered in a powerful venom and deals damage to a target over time.
Soul Blaze – Tala releases a potent scream, causing magic damage to enemies ahead of her.
Chaos Dance – Tala phases in and out of the mortal plane, easily dodging incoming damage.

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