Strength Heroes

Middle Line Strength Heroes

PHO Phoenix (Isarus)
January signin Hero.

Role: Mage

Phoenix-skill1Sun Burn – Isarus expels a huge beam of fire at the cost of his own HP, causing magic damage to enemies in front of him.


Phoenix-skill2Supernova – When HP reaches zero, Isarus transforms into a burning ball that can be attacked by enemies. If it is destroyed within 5 seconds Isarus dies as well. However, if it survives for 5 seconds all enemies in range will be stunned and the Phoenix will revive fully regenerated. (Isarus can revive 3 times in each battle and the ball can be destroyed after 4/3/2 attacks)

Phoenix-skill3Isarus Charge – Isarus charges forward and deals magic damage to enemies ahead of him.


Phoenix-skill4Flaming Birds – Isarus summons 4 flaming birds around him, increasing his attack damage and causing splashed magic damage for 12 seconds.


WS Wandering Spearman (Kogo)

Role: Fighter

Blood Pact – Kogo attacks with reckless charging, consuming his own HP and increasing his speed and attack power.
Sacrifice – Kogo enchants his spear with his own blood, causing a damage over time effect on the next target he strikes.
Gift – Kogo uses sympathetic magic to heal the weakest ally and regenerate life for a period of time.
Spell Resistance – Kogo’s patron spirits protect him and give him massive magic resistance.

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