New Player Guide – 2016

We decided to make a guide for new players, so they don’t waste their resources on useless stuff as I did in the early stages of the game. As a side note, this guide will be for the new servers, as in the ones where you start with the commander group and not the admiral one, so some of this will be different from the old servers because of different SS drops from elite stages, but for the most part this guide will work for all servers.

 Also, many of these heroes will not initially be available in shops, but they will come soon, so just save up some coins and buy them, they will make you much better, as long as they are one of the good heroes listed in this guide.

Overall Stuff

First, I would like to talk about the basic stuff.
1. Try not to ever let stamina cap out, you will not regenerate stamina when it is full, so spend it if you can.
2. In the early stages of the game, farm elite stages for good heroes, after TL 80, go for items
3. Do all your dailies each day and buy stamina for gems each day! It will level you up faster and make you a better player!
4. Always max all heroes skills if you can afford it.

Elite Stage Guide

For your elite stages, farm up CR Commander, SUCCU Succubus, IE Imperial Executioner, LB Lightbringer, and MACH Machinist first. Once you have succubus and lightbinger to 3*, stop farming them, but continue farming commander, imperial executioner and machinist to 5*. It will be a long grind but it will be worth it!

Shop Guides

From shops, there are a few basic heroes to buy. When you can, get the following heroes:
EB Ember blade to 4* at least
TrPr Troll princess to 4* at least
OC Old curse to 4* at least
DVT-s Devastator to 3* at least
CW Cloudwalker to 4* at least
FD Fallen Dominion to 4* at least
From crusade, first get WC War chief to 5*, then COM Commando, then CK Crossed Knight. Then save up to see if the next hero is good.

Early Stages(Level 1-50, basically from white to blue +2 heroes

In this stage of the game, you will be receiving many diamonds from achieving your highest ranking in the arena. If you are impatient, or just curious, you may feel tempted to open a gold chest. DO NOT DO THIS! Wait until you can open a 10x chest, it is cheaper overall AND you get a guaranteed hero of 2* or above! As a new player, I would open a 10x gold chest about 3 times, about 7500 gems in total, and then stop, because at that point you should have enough heroes to succeed, and you will get heroes from crusade too.
Try to keep at least 15 heroes at around team level to prepare for grand arena.
Also, make sure to join at least a top 5 guild, if you are active this shouldn’t be an issue. This will make for maximum resets and better placement in Guild tournament, making for more coins for shops and better heroes.

Middle Stages (Levels 51-84, from purple to purple+4)

In this stage of the game, concentrate a lot on synergy, and how well heroes work together. Many amazing combos have been found already, but who knows? Maybe you will find a team that counters the current meta, and a team that can consistently win against many teams. Be sure to not level the heroes you will not use, it will just be a waste of EXP. Also, make sure you know what grand arena setup works best, and strategically place your teams so the one, two, or three hidden teams will make it tricky for your opponent to know what to throw at you.
By now, you probably will have many soul coins from all the extra soul stones from your 5* heroes. Make sure not to invest too much in swordmaster in cat fencer. Neither of them are fantastic heroes, they have their uses, but at this point in the game, it will be more useful for you to buy the ITEMS in the soul shop rather than the heroes.
In booty cave, dig for EXP, you will get enough coins from guild raids and crusade, it is better to get exp items. Also, from purple +1 or 2 on, be sure to fully enchant all your heroes gear, it will give you an edge versus other players.

Upper Middle Stages(Level 85-92ish, from orange to orange +2)

In this stage of the game, you must be very selective. Unless you are a massive spender, you won’t have enough orange gear to upgrade all of your good heroes to orange. So, think about the stats gears will give or take away, and remember that SOMETIMES A HERO CAN ACTUALLY BE BETTER AT PURPLE +4 THAN AT ORANGE! Also, never promote a hero unless you can equip 4 or more pieces of gear to them upon promotion. Another thing is that once you get a hero to orange, you can start to do legendary quests. Keep in mind that these usually take a while, and you can only do one hero at a time, so think carefully about which hero you think needs the legendary skill the most, don’t just go for a random hero.

End Game(Levels 93-100, from red to red +1, and beyond!)

In this stage of the game, you will also have to be selective. Think about which hero actually needs red gear, and also think about if they will ultimate faster with orange +2 or red gear equipped, because for some heroes(aka manipulator) this matters A LOT. Also, if you are level 95ish, don’t be afraid to challenge a level 99 or 100 player, because if you both have red gear, you actually have a good chance at beating them! This stage in the game is the most important time to find a team that can work against the meta team, because many top arena players will just be using the same team, so finding a way to beat that would be huge.

Heroes Uses (This is only really for players having difficulty on difficulty 6 or above, under that should be easy to beat)

Find more details about the different encounters at the Guide Section.

Heroes For Valkyrie Challenge
Commander, Ice Mage, Manipulator, Chaplain, and Frost Mage. (Depth’s Voice can be subbed for Ice Mage here if needed)
Heroes for Cursed City
Death Mage, Ice Mage, Queen of Curse, Imperial Executioner, and Lightbringer.
Heroes for Crashed Hill
Ninja Assassin, Fallen Dominion, Cloudwalker, Shadowleaf, and Desert Lycan(Many heroes can be used here, others are Devastator, War Chief, Grffin, and Troll princess. If your heroes keep dying sub in chaplain for the lowest damage dealer.

Any heroes can be used for time rift, it doesn’t really matter.

Heroes for Burning Phoenix
Wizard Doctor, Death Mage, Cloudwalker, Shadowleaf, and Commander.(This one can be tricky, the key is having wizard doctor using his purple skill just as the phoenix turns into the egg, try multiple times to get it down)
Heroes for Robot Fighter
Poisoned One, Succubus, Scorpion Queen, Psycopath, and Disease Bringer
Heroes for Lord of the Caves
Imperial Exectioner, Ember Star, Death Mage, Queen of Curse, and Pyschopath.
Heroes for Northern Dragon
Griffin, Commando, Poisoned One, Master Mage, Phoenix, and Pilot(pilot isn’t very good for this but he is a good option until you get better heroes)
Heroes for Raged Blood
Turtle Fighter, Cloudwalker, Ancient Protector, Dwarf Warrior, and Chaplain.

Heroes for Crusade
These heroes are all good for crusade, make the best team you can out of them, as long as you make sure to use death mage and chaplain: Death mage, death knight, chaplain, light bringer, rose fencer, wizard doctor, shadow shaman, ice mage, and commander.

Heroes for Arena
Find your best combos, but the one that is the best right now is commander, turtle fighter, rose fencer, manipulator, and imperial executioner.

Heroes For Raids
Bear Warrior, Ninja Assassin, Rifleman, Shadowleaf, Sword master, poisoned one, savage one, fallen dominon, desert lycan, cloudwalker, imperial executioner, troll princess and commander.(occasionally arcane sapper, but usually he is a fail. Also death mage is sometimes good for raids.)

Good Heroes, ones to Invest in
Rose Fencer, Turtle Fighter, Commander, Depths Voice, Manipulator, Soul Hunter, Imperial Executioner, Queen of Curse, Griffin, Corrupted Angel, Desert Lycan, Hidden Needle, Ember Blade, Dwarf Warrior, Death Mage, and Light bringer.

Terrible Heroes, never invest in them
Deathgore, sniper, lightning master, Iron Dragon, Psychic Sword, Professional Killer, Wandering Spearman, Dope King, Nature Storm, Shallows Keeper, Brute, Ice Spirit, Enchantress, and Ghost Musician.

We hope that we have covered everything that is necessary to know, now good luck to you all and have fun! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks to user baalercyti, creating this new updated Guide for Heroes Charge.
Enjoy playing and if you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment below!