Heroes of August and 2nd Anniversary – 2016

For this month August 2016 uCool announced 3 new Heroes at the official forums.
The Unsullied Champion is the Signin Hero is a Front line strength hero, the Forest Fairy which will be a Middle line intellect hero of the Magic Stone Hero and the Ooze as front line strength hero. With the Ooze, uCool celebrates Heroes Charge’s 2nd Anniversary.


Additionally uCool celebrates the 2nd Anniversary with special in-game events in this month. Read more about this here.

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New Feature – the Heroes Camp

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uCool announced a new feature for Heroes Charge, which will be released in July, the Heroes Camp.  The players can enhance their heroes’ attributes and get more gear with that feature.

Additionally, to allow their players to get more gear, they introduced the Forge to craft gear using resources, and the Furnace to disassemble useless gear in return of some resources.

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